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1998, Vol. V, Núm. 1 : [11]

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Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
1998Some properties concerning the quasi-inverse of a t-normBoixader Ibáñez, Dionís
1998The embedding if the formal concept analysis inte the L-fuzzy concept theoryBurusco Juandeaburre, Ana; Fuentes-González, Ramón
1998The logic of neural networksCastro Peña, Juan Luis; Trillas i Gay, Enric
1998On some inexact relations in probabilized Boolean algebrasCubillo Villanueva, Susana
1998Convex isomorphisms of Archimedean lattice ordered groupsJakubík, Ján
1998On some geomtric transformation of t-normsKlement, E. P. (Erich Peter); Mesiar, Radko; Pap, Endre
1998On (anti) conditional independence in Dempster-Shafer theoryKlopotek, Mieczyslaw A.
1998Triangular norm-based addition preserving linearity of t-sums of linear fuzzy intervalsKolesárová, Anna
1998The distribution of mathematical expectations of a randomized fuzzy variableKuz'min, V. B.; Travkin, S.I.
1998On Boolean modus ponensRudeanu, Sergiu
1998Vagueness and its representations: a unifying lookWygralak, Maciej


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