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1996, Vol. III, Núm. 1-2 : [27]

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Workshop "Aspects of mechanizing inference: context and problems" 1995, Naples.
Vista preliminarData de publicacióTítolAutor(s)
1996How to make your logic fuzzy (prelimirnary version)Gabbay, Dov M.
1996Concept representations and nonmonotic inferencesGärdenfors, Peter
1996Default logic as a formalism for understanding commonsense reasoningAmati, Gianni; Carlucci Aiello, Luigia; Pirri, Fiora
1996Contexts, locality and generalityBouquet, Paolo; Giunchiglia, Enrico; Giunchiglia, Fausto
1996A metatheoretical characterization of negation as finite failureCriscuolo, Giovanni
1996Information frames, implication systems and modalitiesD'Agostino, Marcello; Gabbay, Dov M.; Russo, Alessandra
1996Fuzzy quantum logicsDalla Chiara, Maria Luisa; Giuntini, Roberto
1996On the viability of an algebraic approach to non-monotonic reasoningTermini, Settimo
1996Modus ponens on Boolean algebras revisitedTrillas i Gay, Enric; Cubillo Villanueva, Susana
1996Local Boolean manifolds from knowledge representation systemsCattaneo, Gianpiero
1996Qualitative reasoning in Bayesian networksGarbolino, Paolo
1996(Pure) logic out of probabilitySales Porta, Ton
1996Didactical note: probabilistic conditionality in a Boolean algebraTrillas i Gay, Enric; Alsina Català, Claudi; Termini, Settimo
1996Coherence principles for handling qualitative and quantitative partial probabilistic assessmentsColetti, Giulianella
1996Robust inference in probability under vague informationRegoli, Giuliana
1996Subjective conditional probability and coherence principles for handling partial informationScozzafava, Romano
1996Generalized version of the compatibility theorem: two examplesBertoluzza, Carlo; Bodini, Antonella
1996General theory of the fuzzy integralBenvenuti, Pietro; Vivona, Doretta
1996Mathematical aspects of the theory of measures of fuzzinessVivona, Doretta
1996A pragmatic uncertainty measure based on rate-distorion theory and the uncertainty of BOE'sFioretto, Anna; Sgarro, Andrea
1996Reasons: belief support and goal dynamicsCastelfranchi, Cristiano
1996Computational logics and the philosophy of language: the problem of lexical meaning in formal semanticsFrixione, Marcello
1996Neural methodologies in rule-based expert systemsBurattini, E.; Tamburrini, G.
1996Integrating inference and neural classification in a hybrid system for recognition tasksGregorio, Massimo de
1996The role of heuristics in automated theorem proving J.A Robinson's resolution principleCoderschi, Roberto
1996The process of induction as a non-classical logic's double negation: evidence from classical scientific theoriesDrago, Antonino
1996Editorial [Workshop "Aspects of Mechanizing inference: context and problems", Naples 1995: revised versions papers ]Termini, Settimo; Trillas i Gay, Enric


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