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Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management

2011, vol. 4, núm. 4 : [9]

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des-2011Modelling healthcare internal service supply chains for the analysis of medication delivery errors and amplification effectsBehzad, Banafsheh; Moraga, Reinaldo J.; Chen, Shi-Jie (Gary)
des-2011Scheduling of a computer integrated manufacturing system: a simulation studyBhuiyan, Nadia; Gouw, Gerard; Yazdi, Daryoosh
des-2011Activity modes selection for project crashing through deterministic simulationMohanty, Ashok; Mishra, Jibitesh; Satpathy, Biswajit
des-2011Integrated methodological frameworks for modelling agent-based advanced supply chain planning systems: a systematic literature reviewSanta-Eulalia, Luis Antonio; Halladjian, Georgina; D'Amours, Sophie; Frayret, Jean-Marc
des-2011What do information reuse and automated processing require in engineering design? Semantic processOssi Nykänen, Ossi; Salonen, Jaakko; Markkula, Mikko; Ranta, Pekka; Rokala, Markus; Helminen, Matti; Alarotu, Vänni; Nurmi, Juha; Palonen, Tuija; Koskinen, Kari T.; Pohjolainen, Seppo
des-2011Towards reducing traffic congestion using cooperative adaptive cruise control on a freeway with a rampArnaout, Georges; Bowling, Shannon
des-2011Designing and implementation of an intelligent manufacturing systemAlmeida, Fernando L. F.
des-2011A Framework for successful new product developmentBhuiyan, Nadia
des-2011Managing the IE (Industrial Engineering) Mindset: A quantitative investigation of Toyota’s practical thinking shared among employeesMarksberry, Phillip; Parsley, David


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