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Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions (SAMHC) : [53]

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Vista preliminarDataTítolAutor(s)Tutor(s)/director(s)
18-jul-2013Structural Analysis of the Church of the Poblet MonasterySaloustros, SavvasPelà, Luca
10-set-2013Correlation between weather conditions, heating of structural elements, and the dynamic behavior of Mallorca CathedralGrande, Chavon J.Caselles Magallón, Josep Oriol
9-jul-2013Structural analysis of a vault of the administration building of the Hospital Sant PauArias, Juan C.Roca Fabregat, Pedro
19-jun-2013Non-destructive identification of the mechanical response of FRP strengthened brickwork walls with modal analysisTaravat Najafabadi, HamidrezaGil Amat, Luis; Bernat Masó, Ernest
18-jul-2013Simulation of the effect of auxiliary ties used in the construction of Mallorca CathedralBourgeois, JulienPelà, Luca
1-jul-2011Strengthening of structural elements of adobe constructions against seismic loads.Jacob, ThomsonStanislav, Pospíšil
15-set-2011Detailed structural analysis of Mallorca Cathedral's structure on a global modelPuente Paz, Jose LuísAhmed Elyamani Ali Mohamed; Roca Fabregat, Pedro
15-jul-2011Seismic analysis of a typical masonry building from Barcelona's Eixample districtPotter, ChristopherRoca Fabregat, Pedro
15-jul-2011Detailed numerical simulation of experiments on masonry arch bridges using 3D FEKoltsida Spyridoula, IrisMolins i Borrell, Climent
27-jul-2011Detailed numerical stimulation of experiments on masonry arch bridge using 3D FECai, YunfanMolins i Borrell, Climent
19-jul-2011Structural behaviour of masonry walls stregthened with mortar layers reinforced with FRP gridsGarofano, AngeloSlízková, Zuzana; Drdácký, Milos
29-jul-2011Analysis of a masonry viaduct of Parc Güell in Barcelona by funicular modelingKopsida, AntigoniRoca Fabregat, Pedro
14-jul-2011Dynamic monitoring of Mallorca CathedralBettoni, Matteo FrancescoCaselles Magallón, Josep Oriol; Roca Fabregat, Pedro
29-jul-2011Seismic behaviour of typical masonry buildings from Barcelona's "Eixample"Silva Montaño, Javier FernandoRoca Fabregat, Pere
21-jul-2011Investigation of a Faulty Historical Structure: Saint Barbara ChurchRinaudo, PaulaFajman, Petr; Jirásek, Milan
21-jul-2011A comprehensive evaluation of the repair of the roof of the Royal Palace at the Castle of Točník, impact on heritage values, benefits and economic efficiencyMehrfar, PejmanBláha, Jiří
18-jul-2011Historical and structural survey of the medieval stone bridgeSala, FedericaBurgetová, Eva
2-set-2011Design procedures for the use of EB FRP in shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beamsVasic, MiraPellegrino, Carlo
12-jul-2010Analysis of a thin tile vaulted structureRoberts Cervantes, Gonzalo AlejandroMolins i Borrell, Climent
12-jul-2010Simplified analysis of Strenght of Masonry Shear WallsVarshney, AmolRoca Fabregat, Pedro
12-jul-2010Limit Analysis: Collection of Examples of ApplicationsManrique Hoyos, CarolinaMolins i Borrell, Climent
21-jul-2010Numerical Simulation on Buckling Failure of the Masonry Load Bearing WallsAbdul Kuddus, MirRoca Fabregat, Pedro
21-jul-2010Damage survey and collapse mechanisms due to seismicity in Gothic Churches around Catalonia region and MallorcaAbacilar, PinarRoca Fabregat, Pedro
12-jul-2010Graphics Analysis of Gothic VaultsHassan Fangary, Amr AlyMolins i Borrell, Climent
21-jul-2010Dynamic monitoring analysis of Mallorca cathedralBoromeo, LuanaRoca Fabregat, Pedro; Caselles Magallón, Josep Oriol
13-jul-2010Seismic Analysis and Strengthening of Mallorca CathedralCoutinho, Diogo Simões do AmaralRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2009Durability problems of 20th century reinforced concrete heritage structures and their restorationsTeshome Gebregziabhier, TekesteRoca Fabregat, Pedro
12-jul-2009Inventory of repair and strengthening methods with iron and steelMircan Kaya, SamiyeMolins i Borrell, Climent
15-jul-2009Stability analysis of Famagusta Churches: St. George of the LatinsTrujillo Rivas, AlejandroLourenço, Paulo B.
15-jul-2009Seismic limit analysis of masonry structuresTilahun Bogale, HabtamuOliveira, Daniel V.
23-jul-2009Flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with prestressed FRP laminatesTHE VINH, ANPellegrino, Carlo
13-jul-2009Research on the restoration of heritage structures: Portland cement and concrete repair applications and repercussionsStrenchock, LoganRoca Fabregat, Pedro
13-jul-2009Lay-out of seismic strengthening of Mallorca cathedralRodríguez, PatriciaRoca Fabregat, Pedro
21-jun-2009Seismic vulnerability of historical structures. Damage state of the Abruzzo churches, in the sequence of the 2009 earthquakeQuintela Marques Costa, CatarinaDa Porto, Francesca
20-jul-2009Seismic vulnerability of historical arch type bridge structures in ItalyQadir Bhatti, AbdulDa Porto, Francesca
jul-2009Investigation of the use of iron in construction from antiquity to the technical revolutionDrougas, AnastasiosRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2009Finite element study of bond-slip behaviour of CFRP and GFRP laminates on brick masonryChiu Lam, ChiValluzzi, Maria Rosa; Garbin, E.
23-jul-2009Numerical modeling of reinforced concrete beams repaired with polymer modified mortarMuhammad Mauludin, LuthfiDa Porto, Francesca; Guidi, Giovanni
22-jul-2009Seismic vulnerability of historical structure. Case study: San Marco church in the sequence of 2009 Abruzzo earthquakeMagi, JacopoValluzzi, Maria Rosa
jul-2009Static monitoring analysis of Mallorca cathedralGodde, EmmanuelRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2009Assessment and rehabilitation of historic concrete structures Case study1-Citta’ della musica in Marghera-Endo, YoheiDa Porto, Francesca
jul-20091755 Lisbon earthquake and protection of cultural heritage from future earthquakes / With a comparative study about earthquake and risk preparedness in IstanbulEce Ferah, FüsunOliveira, Daniel
jul-2009Inventory of repairing and strengtheing techniques for masonry arch bridgesBeuerman, Thomas E.Molins i Borrell, Climent
jul-2009Historic industrial arched R.C. structures : Investigation and modellingAntoniou, SmaragdaDa Porto, Francesca
jul-2009Wind and earthquake analysis of spire of cimborio of Barcelona cathedralAhmed Elyamani Ali MohamedRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2008Sulphate attack and the role of thaumasite in historical constructionsRheinheimer, VanessaFernández Carrasco, Lucía
jul-2008Seismic analysis of Santa Maria del Mar church in BarcelonaMurcia Delso, JuanRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2008Inventory of repair and strengthening methods timberPinto, Luís-
jul-2008Reconstruction of the structure of the visigothic baptisterium of Barcelona (8th C.)Lemos da Silva Albuquerque Beirao, José AnibalRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2008Inventory of FRP strengthening methods in masonry structuresIslam, RashadulMolins i Borrell, Climent
jul-2008Safety assessment of Mallorca cathedralKumar Das, AjoyRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2008Application of capacity spectrum method to medieval constructionsCuzzilla, RobertoRoca Fabregat, Pedro
jul-2008Investigation on the use of iron and steel for restoration purposes during 19th and 20th centuryHui-Yin LeeRoca Fabregat, Pedro


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