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Vista preliminarDataTítolAutor(s)Tutor(s)/director(s)
2013Studies on zinc oxide based thin films for energy harvesting applicationsSerra Torrent, AlbertSridharan, M.
2013Numerical simulations of multiphase flowsTurró Comas, JúliaZaleski, Stéphane; Yue Ling, Stanley
2013Design of bioethanol green supply chain - Comparison between first and second generation biomass concerning economic, environmental and social impactMiret Relats, CarlosMontastruc, Ludovic
2013Analyse de la performance de parcs d’éoliennes à partir d’un outil informatique développé en langage PythonVázquez Llauradó, AlejandroImbert, Jérôme; Legendre, Dominique
2013Economic impact of the 2014 Fifa World Cup in BrazilTortras Raventós, Polde Oliveira Filho, Francisco Adones
2013Aerodynamic verification and optimization of a model of an offshore floating wind turbinePérez Sánchez, LauraMattiazzo, Giuliana
2013Thermal characterization of msw for purpose of its gasification and pyrolysisValverde Salamanca, AbelMarkoš, Jozef
2013Building the resilient sme: developing the ‘4 in a row’ tool for supply chain risk managementDomínguez Garrido, AntonioOehmen, Josef
2013Design of refuelling robot for autonomous drivingRamis Trubat, ÀfricaHongbin, Ma
2013Création des Process Requirement Renault – Nissan dans le cadre de l'industrialisation des véhiculesCasado Curto, OriolBourguignon, Stéphane; Veyer, Antoine
2013Demand response potential of residential load equipmentsSementé Tarragó, OriolLehtonen, Matti
2013Investigation of the surfaces of metallic glasses by Mössbauer spectrometryGuarner Escribano, PabloMiglierini, M
2013Stabilité des chargeurs de véhicules électriques en réseauLopez Amoros, MiguelRioual, Michel
2013Impact of adhesive joints for the automotive industry at low and high temperaturesAvendaño Mata, RodrigoMartins da Silva, Lucas Filipe
2013Storage of thermal energy for reuse, urban agriculture & provide LNG vehiclesBernà i Mascort, Sergivan Wunnik, Lucas Philippe
2013Méthodes de résolution du modèle analytique magnétique des machines synchronesGómez Pallejà, SergiDessante, Philippe
2013Load balancing control of a server network clusterTalavera Foix, MiquelAlbea, Carolina
2013Simulation and experimental analysis of cutting forces in 2D ½ milling with small feed per toothRoyo Zaragozá, AnaRivière-Lorphèvre, Edouard; Dubocu, François; Filippi, Enrico; Florentin, Juliette
2013Thermoforming Finite Element Analysis of Continuum Fiber Reinforced Plastics using ABAQUSPiera Höppner, SergiDrummer, Dietmar
2013Nonlinear control design for wave energy converterGalván García, BrunoJayawardhana, Bayu; Vakis, Antonis I
2013Performance measurement systems uses and company performance. Analysis of a sample of italian companiesColl Martínez, PedroMura, Matteo
2013Mechanical behavior of self-entangled single wire materialsRiu Martinez, OriolOrgéas, Laurent
2013Gestion des stocks en cours en code à barres par lieuCameron Torra, NuriaDelacourt, Céline; Verez, Christophe
2013Introduction of the Time Factor in a cost – benefit estimationColomar Roig, MartaPrintz, Stephan
2013Interest rates in the supply chain managementPascual Payeras, Joana MariaLundquist, Janerik
2013The Future of Michigan’s Electricity MarketFerrer Falgueras, MarcShields, Herb
jun-2014The Use of tap water as a heating medium for combined hot tap water and radiator systemForné Samitier, Josep OriolMardan, Nawzad
2013Tool development for estimating logistics capacities in the pharmaceutical industryParera Hospital, NilFriemann, Felix
mai-2014Business relationships in an international setting: The case study of TexlaCodina Forcada, CristinaSundquist, Viktoria
2013High-speed line-camera measurements of vibrating stringsPàmies Vilà, MontserratVälimäki, Vesa
2013Polymer injection moulding for shoe soles productionCabanillas López, LidiaSmelin, Georgij
2013Sustainable developing of complex campuses: The management challengeRiera Juseu, MireiaTeller, Jacques
2013Contribution à la conception urbaine résiliente à l’échelle du quartierRodriguez Hulipas, CristianBalsells Modéjar, Mireia
2013Conception de l'essieu arrière du véhicule TIM 07Castro Latorre, SergioSubra, Yvain
2013Improved tools for metabolomic and metagenomic analyses for food and the gut microbiomeCañardo Alastuey, JorgeKnight, Rob
2013Recycled polyethylene-terephthalate for bicycle frame injection mouldingJuan Riol, ElenaSmelin, Georgij
2013Electrode design and cell operation of a capacitive deionization systemSans Palacios, GerardPresser, Volker
2013Review on Social Life Cycle Assessment (SLCA) for application to olive oil productionQuintana Cayuelas, SòniaSablayrolles, Caroline
2012Mixed integer programming models for the synchronization of a project building planning with its supply chainSamaranch Mir, DianaLamothe, Jacques
2012Set‐up of a split hopkinson pressure bar. Calibration and wave dispersion correctionJiménez Garcia, ÀlexHughes, Kevin
2012Numerical predictions of the hydrodynamic drag of the plat-o tidal energy converter and comparison with measurements in a water channelFàbregas Flavià, FrancescTraieux, Florent
mai-2013Experimental and computational study of agitated vesselsArtero Beltran, LaraDionisi, Dr Davide
2012A Fan Solution for the Philips AirfryerGibernau Torres, OctaviFerreira, C.A. Infante; Van der kooi, Ir. J.
2012Development of a dynamic decision making e-platform for EU intermodal freight transportPujol Gonzalez, XavierNdiaye, A.B.
2013Influences of different goals on employee behavior regarding energy consumption in productionPuig Sobrado, LauraKarl, Florian
2013Design of the Mechanical Components of a Dual Axis Solar TrackerRomero Llanas, AmadorDychto, Rafał
2013Basics of magnetohydrodynamicsClosa Roig, XavierHarada, Nobuhiro
2013Studies on the reduction of Nitrous Oxide formation in NOx-trap CatalystsMena Casanova, JavierBargende, M.
2013Sustainability Reporting of the Spanish energy companies - an empirical analysisOtero Mayor, MartaVon Ahsen, Anette
2013Study on a radial turbine stage with inlet guide vanes for an orc process with an electrical output of 3,5 kwLopez Sanz, EduardoVogt, Damian
2013Consultant CRMTorres Ribó, XavierMira-Bonnardel, Sylvie; Billouard, Delphine
2013Design of a proper set-up for low current measurements of insulation systemsRovira Buhigas, JordiTenbohlen, Stefan
2013Simulación fluido-térmica de un reactor de gasificación de lecho fijo descendenteFelisart Serlavóss, BernatJimenez Ugarte, Fernando Octavio
2013Modeling Soft Material Adhesion for In vivo Robotic LocomotionOrtega Alcaide, JoanRentschler, Mark
2013Gas‐Phase Velocity Estimation in a Tube Bundle by means of Wire‐Mesh SensorsVigo Hernández, CarlosPrasser, Horst‐Michael
2013Part I: Duchenne muscular dystrophy early detection and monitoring with quantitative ultrasound techniques. Scanning and processing of mice gastrocnemius muscle affected with duchenne muscular dystrophy. Part II: New measuring techniques for fatty-liver disease: quantification of liver-fat content using quantitative ultrasound. Liver sacans data processing from patients from the university of california at San Diego.Herrera Gener, JulioGoueygou, Marc
2012Development of a model for the efficient optimization of customer satisfaction on administrative processes using Bayesian networksReig Blanco, Francisco JavierKempf, Michael
2012Catalytic wet oxidation of black liquorViader Riera, GerardKoskinen, Jukka
2012Détermination des économies d'émissions de gaz à effet de serre et financières liées à des changements d'habitudes de consommation: choix d'une méthode de calcul, recherche des données de base et quantificationRius Sol, MarcNaquin, Pascale
2013Méthanisation d’un déchet agricole : étude d’un digesteur piloteSoler Prats, AnnaEtienne, Paul
2013Resilience-based design of a hospital Emergency Department considering human behaviorPiqué Saboya, MartaCimellaro, Gian Paolo
2013Silicone rubber and nanocrystalline cellulose composites with antimicrobial propertiesArtigas Lamora, GuillermoJankauskaite, Virginija
2013Validation of a standardized measuring journal for calibration of exhaust gas after treatment catalysts - Investigation of the effect of hydrocarbon species on SCR catalyst behaviourMiralles Munita, JuanSchmeißer, Volker; Hofmann, Frank
abr-2013Analysis of an HVAC system at Boehringer IngelheimFont Solé, GemmaWerner, Andreas
2012Synthesis of high effective surface area silver nano-particles embedded in an aluminum porous matrixRodríguez Pérez, IsaacPinheiro Dick, Luís Frederico
2013Integration of renewable energies in Southeast AsiaRoger Figuerola, AlbertWagner, U.
2012Stability analysis on different type of steel scaffoldsGuillamón Causi, PauCimellaro, Gian Paolo
2013Design and management of a smart gas distribution network of a townSolé Dominguez, AlbertKicinski, Marcin
2012Bitcoin data analysisRaventós, Higinio; Anadón Rosinach, MartaVieille, Nicolas
2013Diseño de sistema controlador de riego a distància y estudio de la mejora de la ventaja competitiva del medio agrícolaSampériz Alós, MiguelRosales Peña Alfaro, Eric Manuel
2012Catalyst synthesis and screening for the conversion of Levulinic Acid into Diphenolic AcidMollà Cusí, MercèPicchioni, Francesco; Beljaars, Martijn
2013Propuesta de peatonalización de Plaza Serrano y soluciones de tránsito derivadasRios Montoya, GerardScafidi, Pablo
2012Etude sur l'implantation de la technologie RFID aux terminaux de paiement d'Ingenico S.A.Sagrera Conde, MarcCellier, Remy
jul-2013Diseño, fabricación y simulación de un atenuador de impactos para competiciones FSAEAlbert, Estella AguerriRaffo, Federico
2012Transformation d’un hypermarché rentrant dans la stratégie de l’entreprise « Magasin Connecté, Commerce Connecté »Cusiné Morell, BlancaBoudaoud, Hakim
2012Acoustic Rotor. Driving rotation through acoustic vortex creation and exchange of orbital angular momentumEscobar Torres, CarlotaWunenburger, Régis
2012Étude dynamique tp5000Solà Ros, CarlesLegrain, Grégory
2013iPhone Impact: The impact of the iPhone in the Smartphone MarketCanteria Pastor, PabloSchmidt, Jens
2012Reputazione dei fondi di Private Equity e sua influenza sul costo del debito nel mercato italianoDesquens Palacios, DavidGiudici, Giancarlo
2012Etude et essais d'un système de mise en contrainte de SiPascual Rives, IvanChaussumier, Michel
2011Investigation of Lab-on-Spoon Low-Power Realization for Smart Kitchen and AAL ScenariosEspejo Miralles, ZoéKöning, Andreas
2012A literature review on information systems support for the cooperation of firms within networksFernandez Martos, XèniaLamothe, Jacques
2012Stakeholder oriented optimization of a Flood Warning SystemBrasco Carrera, LauraHelfert, Marlene
2012Optimització de la cuirassa de la tapa de descàrrega del molí SAG de boles per mineria del coureMoliner Clemente, GuillermoPérez Pozo, Luis
2012Investigation and Evaluation of Methods for Measuring Surface Texture on Worktops and Kitchen FrontsSalvador Soy, Aniol; Öhström, ChristianAndersson, Karl-Axel
2012Estudo de caso: análise da variabilidade associada à duraçao das cirurgias mastológicas do hospital de câncer III do instituto nacional de câncer (inca)Algarra Grande, AlcidesAntonio Meirelles, Luiz
2012Optimal reactive power injection in a distribution network with distributed generationChavarria Mata, RogerStumberger, Gorazd
2012Batch scheduling optimization in interprovincial cooperative limitedCierco Corominas, MarcElmekkawy, Tarek
2012Impression extraction for buildings by using EEGCorominas Bosch, MarioMitsukura, Yasue
2012Development of a modular recumbent trikeBorrell Carbonell, OriolGopinath, Varun
2012Développement d’un système de gestion de l’énergieMoyano, RobyEnguehard, Franck
2013Investigation of Power Saving Techniques in Signal Conditioning Circuits for Resistive SensorsRius Fuertes, MarcStork, Wilhelm
2013Respiration-Posture Feedback System for Breathing ControlColom Mones, MarcNomura, Shusaku
2012Impact of B2B Social Media on SMEsGuarch Gallen, SaraLuzzini, Davide
2013Optimización de recorridos y tiempos en una mina al norte de ChilePablo Malagrida, RamonCaicedo Murillo, Félix
2012Design for eldelry people: the advantages of co-design for interactionVilà Iglesias, NataliaGuenand, Anne
2013Heating model based decision support during a cooling shutdown in Data CenterGarcía Just, AnaVarnier, Christophe
mai-2013Framework for t he assessment of product development performance in multi-product enviromentZamora Riera, CarlesKirner, Katharina
2012Dimensionnement mécanique et thermique. Simulation numériqueXercavins Vives, IngridBasi, Julien; Veyer, Antoine
2012Developing urban equipment, an inclusive design proposalBigorra Llauradó, AnnaLino, Jorge
2012Assurance qualité de la consolidation des interconnexions des lignes "vide" du LHCRoch Gómez, LauraDefoort, Michael
2012Cost impact analysis of rush orders using lines imulationsMoix Fernandez, JúliaHellström, Daniel; Bertilsson, Carl-Magnus
2012Characterisation modelling and calibration of an electrothermal micromirror with 3DOFEspinosa Casas, AlbertoRabenorosa, Kanty; Clevy, Cedric
2012Analysis and Comparison of Different Control Strategies for a Ventricular Assist DeviceGarcia Hofmann, AnnaGuzzella, Lino; Ochsner, Gregor
2012Rationalisation de la chaîne d’approvisionnement de pièces de rechange d’un opérateur de transport publicGarcia Aldao, AlbertDelphine, Billouard-Fuentes
mai-2013Mercury in extraction and refining process of crude oil and natural gasSubirachs Sanchez, GerardBain, Dr. Euan
2013Testing Platform for Tidal TurbinesBravo Gorriz, OliverBarranger, Yoann
2013Analysis of heat storage with a thermocline tank for concentrated solar plantsGraells Vilella, AlbertYesilyurt, Mr. Serhat
2013Designing and modeling of piston in combustion enginesAnguera Llort, JaumeMitianiec, Wladyslaw
2013Use of simulation games to learn negotiations in project businessLlovera Gonzalez, MargaritaJaakko, Kujala; Osmo, Kauppila
2012Life cycle assessment of the race up team carBlanch Piñol, MartaStoppato, Anna
2012Sparse unifrac algorithm for the study of microbial beta diversityAnsuategui Vicente, JuanDaves, Robert H
2012Design of an information capturing and visualization system of the visitors of Aalto University Design FactoryTriviño Massó, CarlesEkman, Kalevi
2012Analysis and simulation of traffic management actions for traffic emission reductionTomàs Vergès, JosepNagel, Kai
2012Design of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for co-operation with a turboshaft engineMoreno Gallart, EduardoKarczewski, Maciej
2010Platinum filled CNTs as temperature sensor for biomedical applicationsVentayol Boada, JudithHampel, Silke
2012Investigation of knock limits of dual fuel enginesCando Comino, Juan CarlosBereczky, Ákos
2012Refining Reputation Systems applying Subjective LogicCardelus Soler, CarlesKnapskog, Svein Johan
2012The possibility and feasibility of installing a bicycle sharing system in TallinnTutusaus Cabrera, IgnasiAntov, Davo
2012Quanlitative and quantitative assessment of the benefits of a lean training academy in the industry on the example of the value stream academy of knorr bremseRiera Palomino, AdriàTisch, Michael
2012Value creation in European M&A transactionsAlsina Sola, Carles JavierNaillon, Nicolas
set-2012Bottom-up description of the French building stock, including archetype buildings and energy demandRibas Portella, Josep MariaMata, Érika
2013Supply Chain Planning in Stable Demand and Fashion ProductsSolé Ariza, XavierShields, Herb
jun-2013Design, implementation and conduction of rotordynamic measurements on exhaust turbochargersIglesias Rivera, JavierHezler, Ing. Hartmut
2012Understanding the experience of attending a modern music concertFernandez Aisa, EloiGomez, Gloria
2012Numerical study of a Boundary Layer Ingesting Propulsion systemBerengué Llonch, OleguerBenard, E.; Blanc, F.; Bourdeau, C.
2012Investigation for a more reliable yaw system design for the deltastream tidal turbineAlvarado Carbajo, Dídac AdriàMba, David
mar-2013Définition et développement des applications pour smartphones en différentes plateformes (windows8, IOS)Lisicic Lopátegui, ClaudiaBoulaire, René
2012Industrialisation'de'la'nouvelle'souche'vitamine'B12'Marquez Andreu, AlbertPareau, D.
set-2013Simulation numérique et modélisation de l'interaction fluide-structure et étude vibratoire de deux cylindres en tandem à nombre de Reynolds élevéFerreira Perez, SaulBraza, Marianna
2012Measuring resilience at the community scale: the peoples frameworkPuigdellivol Goday, Joan-
2013The impact of selected eutectic solvent to biological wastewater treatment plantMartín Garcia, MartaKrajnc, Matjaz
2012Etablissement d’une nouvelle procédure pour rassembler la documentation technique à partir des données SAP R3Fornells Homs, IngridMayer, Frédérique
2012Design and construction of an creep test apparatus for metal samples at high temperaturesBadal Regàs, AriAndersson, Nils-Eric
2012Consultant en gestion configurationLugones Altamirano, MaximilianoShea, Joseph
2012Design and start-up of a test rig to measure efficiencies of hydrostatic pumpsSampietro Pascual, MariaReinertz, Olivier
2012Role of catalytic acitivity of alkali salts in the gasification of new biomass productsBach Oller, AlbertUmeki, Kentaro
2012Numerical Analysis of a Supersonic Turbine for Novel Propulsion SystemsMartínez Moralo, OscarGressier, Jérémie
2012Investigations on overhead power line cables health monitoringGonzález Prunera, SergioLouis Lilien, Jean
2012Optimization of gas-liquid transfer in micro/milli-channelsLopez Martínez, CristinaLoubiere, Karine
jun-2013Development of a computer program which allows the storage and evaluation of data coming from a psychotherapeutic centerPuigpelat Barrado, AdrianaBersini, Hugues
2012Characterisation of the electrical disturbances manifested in the RR series of the selective acute occlusion of atrial branches during angioplastySchulze, SebastianVallverdú, Montserrat
2013Acquisition of new Spanish customers through German Commercial BanksBasco Carrera, JordiSchiereck, Dirk
2013Estandarization in human robot interactionTolós Pons, NàdiaRöning, Juha
feb-2013Strategies for the optimization of the packaging of productsVich Pérez, AdriánBordegoni, Monica
2013The influence of the composite surface structure on its sound absortionPerez de Amezaga Tomas, JavierGliscinska, Eulalia
2013Investigation of heavily deformed and dual phase materials by means of Transmission Kikuchi DiffractionSerret Aracil, RogerKestens, Leo
2012Bone Strain in a Stair Climbing Movement using Numerical Modeling for a Total Ankle ReplacementMolins Cabaní, SaraTerrier, Alexandre
2013Fabricación de microfibras de polianilina por la técnica del electrohilado y evaluación de la conductividad en función del grado de dopadoSanin Paz, MartaOlvera Gracia, Manuel
2013Silicone Rubber as Precursor in the Manufacturing of Zirconia Composite Materials with Complex HierarchySerrano Cuevas, JonFleck, Claudia
2012Technology commercialisation in corporate innovation settingsMuñoz Souweine, Marta SilviaGruber, Marc; Strecker, Nanja
2012Développement pédagogique de gestion de production et de maintenance à distancedel Alcázer Viladomiu, RicardDevise, Olivier; Sèverine, Durieux
2012Coordination of traffic lights evaluationOrdeig Vila, EnricStarevicius, Martynas
2012Strategic network planning of stora ensoPeña Camprubí, AgustinEngevall, Stefan
2012The US market introduction of an European Sports Nutrition BrandMayol Reig, RafelShields, Herb
2012Investigation of the WindChill® PLM systemRebenaque Laguna, PolMotte, Damien
2012Implementation selected tools of Lean ManufacturingMoral Santamaria, EugeniaKalkowska, Joanna
2012Assistant chef de projet déploiementLlauger Aguilar, JoaquimMichel, Christine
2012Biomechanics in batoid fishesComas Ollé, AlbertValdevit, Lorenzo
set-2013Stress relaxation in screw fittings in cast AZ91D componentsRamírez Opisso, AlfredAndersson, Nils-Eric
feb-2013Study on a multi-brand auto distribution network serving multiple cities to minimize the total distribution costBalaña Pedrol, ElenaLi, Zongzhi
2012Liquefied synthetic natural gas from woody biomass. Investigation of cryogenic technique for gas upgradingGarcia Jarque, Sílvia; Birgen, CansuHackl, Roman
2012Analysis and Visualization of Co-Authorship Network in Life Cycle Assessment Research Area: A case study of the International Journal of Life Cycle AssessmentSoria Mateo, PabloKim, Junbeum
2012Estudio de mercado sobre la implantación de una herramienta de ruteo en LatinoaméricaPlanells Golobart, BorjaGiesen, Ricardo
2012Adaptive motion planning for a mobile robotGifre Oliveras, ClaraRöning, Juha
2012Experimental test apparatus for heat transfer and fluid flow studies in multi-phase flow systemsMas Fillol, RicardKljenak, Ivo
2012Study of pedestrian impact on headlampManzano Prieto, JuanC. Brown, Jason
2012Safety analysis and risk identification, evaluation and control methodology, finnish paper mill studyRey Simón, SergiHaapasalo, Harri
2012Heat recovery in a drying processPuerto Peris, AdriàMardan, Nawzad
2012Étude thermodynamique du cycle de séchage des fibres issue du procédé de filage au mouilléSort Leal, GuillemDréan, Jean-Yves
2012Design of a microclimate for improving thermal qualityAubach Arqué, RenéArias, Jaime
2012Anticorrosive Coatings and Interlayer Adhesion LossCamós Noguer, AlbertKiil, Soren
mai-2013Investigation into potential for cold plasma to treat contaminated seawaterGámez Sanz, RobertRooney, David
2012Combined removal of phosphorus and organic micro pollutants by adsorption onto powdered activated carbon and coagulationGodo Pla, LluísJekel, Martin
2012Design for Additive ManufacturingBertran Comellas, MartíJ. Howard, Thomas
2012Development of iron oxide based sorbents for arsenic stabilization in contaminated soilSegarra Valls, RogerCarabante, Ivan
2012Diffusion of Disruptive Innovations with Network Effects: The Electric Vehicle caseMartín León, AlbertPachidou, Fotini
2012Disegno dello stampo ad iniezione d´un oggetto in materiale plasticoCaballero Nadales, CarlosTomesani, Luca
2012High efficient kite for harvesting high altitude wind power: Investigation of new concepts and materials for the structureGirbau Lloch, GerardErmanni, Prof. Dr. Paolo; Luchsinger, Dr. Rolf; Galliot, Dr. Cédric
2012Reduced order Model of an Offshore Wind Turbine jacket sub structureGascón Hugas, EloiNatarajan, Anand; Albergaria Amaral Blasques, José Pedro
2012Unmanned aerial vehicle future project studyBarbany Freixa, Maria del MarMaury, Christophe
2012Optimal design of metal/elastomer hybrid lattices for combined stiffness and dampingGüell Izard, AnnaValdevit, Lorenzo
2012The use of heat transfer functions for heat flow computation through multilayer wallsBotey Bassols, XavierDumont, Eric; Lepore, Renato
2012Develop algorithms for calculating the heat transfer and temperature in simple and small biogas digesters buried into the soilTeradas ILL, GeorginaG. Sommer, Sven; Martí Herrero, Jaime
2012Influence of alternative fuels (FAME, ETHANOL...) on emission levels of carsFresneda Aguilar, MiguelHausberger, Stefan
2012Routine learning using statistics for robot’s tasks planning softwareTroyano Feliu, SandraRöning, Juha
2012Étude des échanges convectifs à la surface d’un disque automobilePuigdellivol Goday, OriolHarmand, Souad; Meresse, Damien
2012Electrified automotive drivetrain Design of a 4 in-wheel electric motor drivetrain system for a Formula SAE electric carVila Mila, AlbertBrown, Ian
2012Mechanical design of a new parallel kinematic machineGarós Blasco, EstebanJin, Yan
oct-2012Low Visual Fidelity in Driving SimulationRamon Jimenez, Arnau; Gómez Subils, Carlade Winter, Joost
2012Study of the solar thermal system at Fullriggaren Performance evaluationMéndez Xuriguera, CarlotaKarlsson, Björn
2012Reliability Study in Solar PanelsEspañol Lifante, AlbertCatelani, Marcantonio
2012Generation of nuclear data for lead-cooled fast reactors using the Monte Carlo methodGarcia Domínguez, CarlosDulla, Sandra; Ravetto, Piero
2013Application of the Lattice Boltzmann Method to Issues of Coolant Flows in Nuclear Power ReactorsCarrasco Boix, AdriàMacián-Juan, Rafael
2012Development of a Combustion Model for a Pyrotechnic ActuatorMuñoz Chaguedo, Leyton AlbertoLauer, Thomas
2012Synchronization processes and synchronizer mechanisms in manual transmissionsPastor bedmar, AnaBerbyuk, Viktor
2012The glass transition in irreversibly adsorbed polymer layersInfantas Melendez, LeslieNapolitano, Simone
2012Wettability characteristics of a sample of minerals: influence of mineral type, particle size and chemical weatheringde Gomis, MarcLourenço, Sérgio
2011CFD modelling of Jet FireCastellví Abella, DanielBubbico, Roberto
2012Data Analysis Tool for a New Model of Maintenance OptimizationVivanco Viladot, David AndreuVial, Dominique; de la Osa García, Carlos López
2012Preliminary Unconventional Aircraft DesignMorera Serra, JordiAbele, A.; Binder, N.
2012Inventory Placement: Strategic Safety stocks in supply chains with and without capacity constraintsLopez Pagola, AlbertAghezzaf, El-Haussaine
2012Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Product DesignOlivella Lacambra, JoanaTopcu, Iker
2012Experimental heat transfer studies with infrared cameraJimenez Sanchez, CarlosChernoray, Valery
2012Static simulation of continuous distillationOrive Arroyo, MaialenFournier, Elise
2012Application for analyzing and determining strategical trade operations between asia and europe using incoterms® 2010Ibáñez Nadal, XavierMatyas, Kurt
2012Predicting trends & divers of fluvial litter pollution in South Wales, UKPoza Ruiz, MariaBallinger, Rhoda
2012Local management of rainwater in residential areasRubio Heredia, MarinaKwietniewski, Marian
2013F iltration des eaux de chantiers de ter rassement: étude in-vitro des mécanismes de filtration et validation in-situAgustí Camprubí, CristinaGrondin, Frédéric
2012Design of a toy which helps children who suffer ADHD to develop their skillsRodríguez Santos, LauraPogacar, Vojko
2012Health assessment and management of algal biomassde la Hoz Hernández, JaimeVarnier, Christophe
2012Modeling of combustion engine bearing lubricationPérez Ráfols, FranciscoLarsson, Roland
2012Eco-friendly refrigerants and refrigerating systemsXavier, Bonfill OrttiPopescu, Gheorghe
2012Continues improvement and search of flexibility in the production plantFerrer-Bonsoms Castan, BeatrizLebert, Didier
2012Cálculo estructural de una nave Industrial en buenos aires, ArgentinaLuid Piñol, NestorCristo, Rubén Ángel
2012Lean in edesaFuentes Llorens, RocKrolikowski, Jan
jun-2013Experimental and modeling studies on biodiesel production and refining in a dedicated bench scale unitFernández Martínez, AlbertoHeeres, H.J.
2012Economic Study of Solar Thermal Plant based on Gas TurbinesCabané Fernández, AlbertKligmann, Jens
ago-2013Study of the solar thermal system at Fullriggaren Performance evaluationMéndez Xuriguera, Carlota-
2012Silicon Nanopillar Solar Cells Made by Near Field Phase-Shift PhotolithographyCanales Mundet, IgnasiFontcuberta Morral, Anna
2012Heating and Cooling Systems in Building – Air Vs. waterBoleda Molas, Anna MariaChristensen, Jorgen Erik
2012Étude des effets de la minimalisation des boues sur la méthanisation par digestion anaérobiqueAmelem, AlbertHausler, Robert
2012Characterization of the reactivity of zerovalent iron particles for nitrate reductionAragó Vilaró, MarcOdile Simonnot, Marie
2012Generation of supply vessels schedules with modelsRubinat Hernandez, VictorGribkovskaia, Irina
2011Analisys and energy saving measures of kastvallen ice hockey rink arenaIgual Bueno, Mario; Bielsa Azcona, José EnriqueHansson, Peter
2011A suitable criterion for tube sizing in reverse cycle machinesRivero Vilà, Oriol delKheiri, A.
2011IIT MMAE Dept. Research project the homogeneous charge thermal ignition (HCTI) engineDomenech Menal, Joan IgnasiRuiz, Francisco
2011Design and implementation of an interpolation filter for hearing-aid applicationLlimós Muntal, PereBruun, Erik
2011VHDL-AMS modeling and simulation of a PMSM control system for automotive applicartionsLópez Sanz, JorgeGlesner, Manfred
2011A prefeasibility study of integrating WoodRoll gasification technology into Ovako Steel and HEAB replacing fosssil fuels in HoforsMoner Lasheras, Alodia BaldescaMardan, Nawzad
2011Reduced model and inverse methods: Thermal performance of elementary components/ optimal composition materialsMasbernat Megias, LaiaLimam, Ali
2011Détection de synergies industrielles Mise en oeuvre d’une démarche d’écologie industrielle au sein d’une zone d’activité économiqueMoreno Mestre, SindaraFürst, Walter
2011Design and implemantation of a resonant gate-drive circuit with capability of high frequency and high efficiency operationRius Rueda, ArmandItoch, Junichi
2011The impact of Cloud Computing adoption on IT Service Accounting approaches – A Customer Perspective on IaaS Pricing ModelsCots Salleras, GerardZarnekow, Rüdiger
2011Analysis of the treatment of pain and anxiety in the anesthesia care in an ERCP: Process Mining application in Heath CareCarbonell Gutiérrez, ArnauKaymak, Uzay
2011Mechanical Response of the Endothelial Glycocalyx to Pulsatile FlowPerdigó Oliveras, ArnauVincent, Peter
2011Influence du soudage sur la fragilisation des aciers et leur tenue à la corrosion sous contrainteMartínez Pérez, CarlosBraham, Chedly
2011Safety aspects of Ceramic Fully Encapsulated fuel for Light Water ReactorsDíez Fernández, GuillermoGudowski, Waclaw
2011Torque split between left and right drive shaft over a front wheel drive differentialOllé Bernades, MarcJacobson, Bengt
2011Simulations of high-enthalpy gases in an Electric Arc Heater – Study of Equilibrium vs. Non- Equilibrium assumptions and Uncertainty Quantifications of an Arc JetJiménez Miró, José ÁngelNicolas Monsour, Nagi
2011Developpement d'un dispositif de côntrole thermique sur un banc de mesures de potentiel et apllication a l'etude de materiaux d'usage spatialGarcía y Belinchon, Manuel AntoniMolinié, Philippe
2011Design of an automatic tool changer for a CNC milling machineFort Filgueira, AleixNikoleris, Giorgos
2011E-health experiences in Spain: mapping and analysisGarcia Martinez, RogerMasella, Cristina
2011A Parametric Study on Core Performance of Sodium Fast Reactors Using SERPENT CodeGarcía Moreno, RubénMa, Weimin
2011Contrôle de la récupération d'énergie d'un vélo d'appartementFarré Montané, JordiMatagne, Ernest
2011Analysing the impact of a proposed generic quality management of measurement processGalvis Bayer, HernanShehab, Essam
2011Portfolio Analysis Approach and Balanced Scorecard Implementation in the Petrochemical Industry: an Empirical StudyDuran Fernandez, AlexandreM. Wagner, Stephan
2011Check-in counter allocation at Copenhagen AirportGiménez Martínez, AnaLarsen, Jesper
2011Comparison of the birefringence data obtained by rheo-optical techniques and by a polarized-light high speed cameraBaena Marcos, AntonioTakahashi, Tsutomu
2011A new vision of software defined radio: from academic experimentation to industrial explotationBoncompte vilaró, TeresaSacchi, Claudio; Passerone, Roberto
2011Slippery when dry – Eliminating friction on the nanoscaleBelles Roca, Joanvan Spengen, Merlijn
2011Multiphysics modelling of spring-supported thrust bearings for hydropower applicationsBorràs Subirana, Francesc-XavierAlmqvist, Andreas
2011Modelling and evaluating the consequences of the presence of O2− in NaF–ZrF4 molten fluoride saltAndreu Pedrosa, GuillemSalanne, Mathieu
2011Trends and patterns in ASIC and FPGA use in space missions and impact in technology roadmaps of the European Space AgencyBoada Gardenyes, RogerCunningham, Scott
2011Gear change selection and clutch control of an automated manual transmission vehicleCanal García, EnricVaughan, Nick
2011Experimental methods to measure mechanical properties of cross country skis: Load-displacement and contact surfaceFadurdo Orellana, RogerJonsen, Pär
2011Design method for strut-beam connection in hinged framesCardenal Basté, JoanGustaffson, Per-Johan; Danielsson, H.
2011Scheduling under energetic consumption constraintsAzcárate González, AlbertoLopez, Pierre
2011Redesing, reemplacement and implementation of a vision system for a microassembly workstationBenito Santiago, VíctorSabanovic, Asif
2011Etude expérimentale, hydrodynamique et thermique de l’évaporation dans les structures capillaires de caloducFornells Vernet, AlbaLefevre, Frederic; Lips, Stephane
2011E‐bio’s control system using kinect deviceChavez-Ferrer Marcos, SebastianMita, Akira
2011Assistante Chef de Projet : Open InnovationLlodrà Homar, Antònia ImmaculadaChenouard, Raphael
2011Fast Alpha Particle Distribution in the Presence of Anomalous Spatial Particle DiffusionGarcía Carrasco, ÁlvaroLisak, Mietek
2011Entrepreneurship Education: An analysis of Countries' Orientations and Universities' InitiativesRey de Diego, Talía-HenarMuffato, Moreno
2011Design and optimization of a centerboard and rudder for small sailing boatUbach Creus, GerardLiverani, Alfredo
2011Gas Storage with Compressed Air Energy StorageDíaz Llobera, IrinaFoley, Dr. A.
2011Contrôle du comportement routier d'un véhicule innovantOliver Serna, ClaraJézéquel, Louis
2011Mise en oeuvre d'essais sur le réseau de secours avioniqueHidalgo López, EdgarLacressonnière, Fabien
2011Development and test of the software for a swarm of mobile sensory nodes floating in liquids of industrial manufacturingOrdi Calvo, OriolKönig, Andreas
2011La maitrise d'oeuvre d’execution et la direction du projet d’extension de l’hôtel Shangri-La ParisMestre Galofre, ArquímedesLoubet, Cécile
2011Capteur de déplacement avec correction de mouvements parasites en temps réel basé sur l’interférométrie laser Self-MixingChamorro Coloma, AlexBernal, Olivier
2011Comparison between federalism in Belgium and in SpainMartínez Sans, MarcPagano, Giuseppe
2011Development of optical tomography for gel dosimetryIbáñez Brasó, MariaLégrády, Dávid
2011The behavior of aerogel blankets as insulation material in external walls at high temperaturesCiruela Pérez, OlayaAdl-Zarrabi, Bijan
2011Study of the influence of airfoils geometry in the yield of wind turbines using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)Buxó de la Peña, LuisHuang, Yong
2011Study of the thermo-mechanical behaviour of an innovative multi-layered ceramic-based nuclear fuel claddingHuguet Garcia, Juan FranciscoZabiego, Maxime; Ferrie, Emilie
2011Development of an on-board trainer system for motorcycle optimal brakingGalimany Avila, MiquelSavino, Giovanni
2011Energy integration study of a chemical site Case of study (Building Y)Codina Gironès, VíctorMaréchal, François
2011Energy integration study of a chemical site. Case of study (Building 366)Martín López, JaimeSalgueiro, Leandro
2011Development of an integrated EU multimodal transport management systemComellas Velasco, LauraBallé Ndiaye, Alassane; Rigo, Nicloas
2011Customer attractiveness - The relevance of attraction in dyadic relationships in a business contextOrfila Garzón, AnaLuzzini, Davide
2011Étude de précision de 3 differents systèmes de mesure en 3 dimensionsCamp García, MarcBonev, Ilian A.
2011Membranas fabricadas a partir de cristales coloidalesHerman Suita, GustavoFidalgo, Marta María
2011Electrostatic adhesive design and optimizationGuardia Asensio, CristinaSpenko, Matthew
2011Algorithme de décision avec la logique floueDavins Valldaura, JoanFrédéric, Jean
2011Management of Organisational ChangeMartínez Fornós, PolShea, Joseph
2011A review of quantitative analysis techniques of project risk managementElizalde Roura, Sandrade Marco, Alberto
2011Development of a 2DOF robotic device for hand rehabilitationFont, Francisco JoséGassert, Roger
2011Study of a Tesla turbine efficiency and performanceFontarnau Lynd, AnnaSchatz, Markus
2011Traitement des effluents résultant du traitement de cendres volantes d’électrofiltre d’incinération d’ordures ménagèresGretz Zabía, LaiaDegrez, Marc
2011Etude par interférométrie Mach-Zehnder de la cinétique d’absorption du CO2 gazeux dans une solution d’amine industrielleAlonso Quintans, DavidHaut, Benoît
2011Analisi di un modello semlificato per la dinamica dei incendi. Il Modello semplificato di Mowrer.Forment Alba, JaimeSpecchia, Vito
2011The Effect of Metal and Oxide Additions on the Reduction of Chalcocite by HydrogenBalsalobre Casares, CarmenChatterjee, Ritayan
2011Technical, economical and environmental feasibility of PU resin composites for automotive applicationsBenavente Miana, MariaMichaud, Veronique
2011A tool for energetic optimization in the conceptual design stageBrutau Izquierdo, RogerTorvinen, Seppo; Koho, Mikko
2011Construction Progress Control (CPC) application for smartphonesGarcia Garcia, Jordi CarlesArditi, David
2011Déploiement d’un jeu pédagogique pour enseigner le Lean ManufacturingMajà Hernández, AbelRiquet, Loïc
2011Visual Management: the key to communication and knowledge in th NPD processesPujol Cunill, MarinaTerzi, Sergio
2011Software Architecture: Stakeholders Selection towards a FrameworkPuntí Sadurní, FerranTrienekens, Jos J.M.
2011Hybridization of the autonomous heliostat power for the future solar power towersMiravalles Soler, OriolMaussion, Pascal
2011Design of a three dimensional wall jet facilityGelabert Roqueta, JosepTachie, Mark
2011Design of an engine test bench for vibrations practical coursesMiralbell Blanch, LlucOuisse, Morvan
2011Construction of free-standing films using graphene for biomedical applicationsBiurrun Zuasti, MaialenJi, Jian
2011Ergonomic evaluation in lot sizing decisionAlfonso Colldecarrera, RicardBattini, Daria
2011Virtual Design of an Active Anti-Roll Bar through a Co-Simulation with Matlab/Simulink and ADAMS/CarSuñer Navarro, JordiDeibler, Dirk; Kroll, Hans-Martin
2011Application of QFD methodology to improve the conception of a rackLombarte Ros, GerardJannone Silva, Eraldo
2011Experimental study and redesign of a vision based control system for Microassembly WorkstationLópez-Dóriga Guerra, SergioSabanoviç, Asif
2011Mantenimiento y mejora del proceso de fabricación de racks basado en el análisis FMEAFigueras de Adabal, AlejoJannove da Silva, Eraldo
2011An input and output Excel file for a material supply assignment modelFabregat Corominas, SergiVan Landeghem, Hendrik
2011Identifying Design Piracy with Comparative and Non-Comparative Survey MethodsCapdevila Grases, RamónHerm, Steffen
2011Modelling of stock control and supply chain for a multi-national company (Hydrasun) in the oil & gas sectorCabestany de la Cruz, SergiStarkey, Andy
2011Design of an electric motor for the propulsion of a solar boatMacias Espinasa, DavidKalma, Bauke
2011Study on electricity transmission systems for offshore wind powerLleonart Pizà, AinaLi, Zuyi
2011Pulsed reactor modelling for catalytic micropollutant treatment in wastewaterJuarros Bertolín, Helena GeorginaDebaste, Frédéric
2011Ground heat pump in combination with discrict heating for a multi-dwelling building in GävleTorrent Lluch, MarionaHansson, Peter
2011Measurment of the thermal performance of a Borehole Heat Exchanger while injecting air bubbles in the groundwaterCalzada i Oliveras, EduardAcuña, José
2011Pulvérisation ultrasonique dans un turboréacteurSoberano, AlejandroDucasse, Eric
2011Design of a logistic system for a distribution companyCampo Merino, DavidBuczacki, Aleksander
2011Diseño de un prototipo bio-Stirling para abastecer la demanda energética de una vivienda ruralValls Pinilla, AnnaGurerrero, Lorna
2011Optimal Speed Profiles for Passenger CarsLlamas Comellas, XavierEriksson, Lars
2011Magnetic loss calculation in electrical machines by finite element packageMasgrau Fortuny, PauKaczmarek, Robert
2011Chaîne de propulsion innovante pour le navier fluvial du futurGelabert Galmes, AndreuTauzia, Xavier
2011Investigation of the parameters of the public urban bus movement and the passengers flowsPujol Pasanau, IsaacStarevicius, Martynas
2011Characterization and parametric study of the flow properties of cohesive powders at temperatures up to 850 ºCMestres Rosàs, ArnauDegn Jensen, Anker
2011Etude et modélisation pour l’interprétation des essais de gerbage statique dans le coeur du réacteur PhénixLabarta Casals, CarolinaCampioni, Guillaume
2011Phase Field method for studying nuclear fuel microstructure changes during irradiationPoblador Ozonas, FelipeFerrie, Emilie
2011Two-dimensional modeling of heat transfer in exhaust valves of piston combustion engines with use of spreadsheet (MS Excel)Paz Fuentes, FranciscoSucheta, Andrzej
2011Anylisis of a branched cross-section through the Generalized Beam TheoryMerino Nogales, AaronMiranda, Stefano
2011Determination of the correlation between turbulence intensity and acoustic noise level-two clockwise-turning rotors caseVidal Garcia, OmarBlaszczak, Jaroslaw
2011Schädigungsparameter für Laserstrahlschweißverbindungen unter zyklischen, mehraxialen BelastungenBarrabino Clemente, MartaHanselka, Holger
2011Experimentation with Solid Oxide Fuel Cells with fuel electrode fed with different syngas fuel compositions obtained from gasification processesBonells Palazón, Josep OriolSantarelli, Massimo
2011Adaptation of some Assembly Line Balancing Heuristics to a Mixed-Model CaseFernández Pérez, AlbertoAghezzaf, El-Houssaine
2011Improving probability distributions for resource levels from master surgery tactical plans for emergency and elective patientsTord Gomis, Marta DeDellaert, Nico
2011Optimization of HTS field windings for future HTS wind turbinesPozzi, MatiasJensen, Bogi Bech
2011Indentation de surfaces fibreuses: Expérimentation et modélisationTorres Merino, JaumeBueno, Marie-Ange; Camillieri, Brigitte
2011Orderless scenariosMartí Crespi, GonzaloLundquist, Janerik
2011The study of a New Thermal Ignition EngineAssens Blanch, AlejandroRuiz, Francisco
set-2012High-Speed Rail: Economic Evaluation, Decision-making and FinancingMir Boqué, Juan RamonFengler, Wolfgang
2011Amélioration et évolution des recyclages à MataggloMorata Reyes, AnnaLe Courtois, Veronique
2011TIG welding studies on sinter-forged low alloy steelRiera Chavarria, MarcelChandramouli, R.
2011Efficienza energetica e fonti rinnovabili in Italia. II caso di estudio della sede di Trentino TrasportiRoig Franquesa, PereFauri, Maurizio
2011A Speech-based Dialogue System for Household RobotsPons Rueda, SusanaWisse, Martijn
2011PIV Investigations on Secondary Flow Structures in Horizontal Slug FlowsAguas Fernández, Pedro JoséMarek Czapp, M. Res.
2011Analysis and modeling of unsteady effects within the wheel-rail contactDiaz de la Fuente, SergioDietmaier, Peter
2011Stiffness Design of Paperboard Packages using the Finite Element MethodCrespo Amigo, JuanÖstlund, Sören
2011Polysaccharide-gold nanoparticles as anticancer drugs carriersVila Gasull, MireiaCoelho, Manuel
2011Développement d’une technique expérimentale de détermination de la distribution des temps de séjours des phases solide et gazeuseDalmau Arredondo, MarcDelorme, Aurelie
2011Synergistic effect of fatigue loading and accelerated corrosion on reinforced concrete beamsIkumi Montserrat, TaiYiyan, Lu; Shan, Li
2011Reactive extrusion of Silicone-modified polyolefine Mechanical and Surface PropertiesArtigas Martínez, AdriánHoppe, Sandrine
2011Temperature control of a scientific instrumentPla Ruiz, AlbertWadsö, Lars
2011Electrochemical capacitor based on materials with pseudocapacitive propertiesOlivia Moreno, DavidFrackowiak, Elzbieta
2011Modeling and control of an inverted pendulum turbineRotger Griful, SergiKjolstad Poulsen, Niels
2011Real-time Visual Object TrackingNavarro Comes, AlbertAndersen, Jeans Christian
2011Towards simulating oil recoverySulleva Tejero, AlbertSands, Christine
2011Monotoring of emulsion plymerization processes by conductivitySánchez Casas, EsterSheibat-Othman, Nida
2011Assessing Principles of Set-­‐Based Concurrent Engineering Using a Design GameCarbó Roma, FrancescGustafsson, Göran
2011Composite fatigue of bonded jointsBonjoch Freginals, FrancescMoumni, Ziad
2011Sustinable operations in small ports– a special case of environmental managementSans Català, AriadnaWooldridge, Christopher
2011Etude du nickel fritté au SPS et de l’écrouissage du Fe-3%Si GOMolina Martínez, GonzaloHug, M. Eric
2011Design of a high pressure combustion chamberParellada Roura, ManelBirouk, Madjid
2011Behavioral Issues in Portfolio Decision AnalysisMasia Semmel, AlvaroFliedner, Thomas; Schiffels, Sebastian
2011Implementation of a Programmable ABS Control Logic in a Test VehiclePedret Garcia, PaulaVries, Edwin
2011Contributions to Guidance and Control of Underwater GlidersTor Bardolet, ArnauJouffroy, Jerome
2011Uncertainty analysis in lattice physics calculations: application of the NRG's TALYS evaluated data to a case of burnupFerragut Ferretjans, FranciscoSabouri, Pouya; Bidaud, Adrien
2011La gestion du packaging JITRamoneda Carol, JaumeSene, MM. Yannick; Cauffriez, M. Laurent
2011Effects of forced distribution rating systems on workforce productivity and potential in companies with internal promotion: A Monte-Carlo simulationSibbing, CarolinaMead, Alan
2011Définition, réalisation et évaluation d’un outil de calcul de couts de fabrication pour la productionGrBeleta Granada, JoanVideali, Françoise
2011New Product Development Time to Market Reduction ValidatingMiró LLinares, CristinaWouters, Joost
2011Proposal of a business model for PSS (Product-Servuse System) integrating a sustainability-oriented approachVilarrasa Bonsfills, BernatMacchi, Marco
2011Intership in the site SOPROCOS (Societé de Produits Cosmetics, Group L'Oreal)Sanchez Seral, LaiaSkoczylas, Frédéric
2011Réalisation d’un outil de diagnostic des systèmes logistiques et de productionValldeneu Rosell, MarcYalaoui, Farouk
2011Improved logistics of an assembly linePutin Burgos, CarlosPortioli, Alberto
2011Design of a human powered mixer for raw earthSanfeliu Puig-pey, AlbertoFerraresi, Carlo
2011Power supply through renewable energy based systems for grid connected detached houses.Lorenzo Farreny, VíctorClack, Herek
2011Analysis of different types of regulation and its efficiency in steam power cyclesSánchez Pereiro, RicardoKrzyslak, Piotr
2011Potenciality of Hybrid SBR process for Mesophilic digestion of biological sludgeShewani, AnilLefebvre, Xavier
2011Solar thermal energy installation for student tutorial: Implementation of hot water load, acquisition and measurements, software interface for supervision.Rovira Cladera, MagínPaire, Damien
2011Novel technologies application and economic benefits of modified the commercial solar cellGilabets Bernaus, SílviaGuobiené, Asta
2011Pilotage d'une orthèse par copie du geste du thérapeuteFernandez Garcia, AlbaLecoy, Pierre
2011Integrating manufacturing process capabilitiesRafolls Llusa, AnaShehab, Essam
2011Etudier les différents réseaux de distribution des fluides du site afin de les adapter à la nouvelle configuration de la tôlerie et d´en optimiser les coûtsSoler Hernández, RafaelPelletier, Jean Marie
2011Autonomous navigation of a robot with computer visionMagallón Hernández, IgnacioSantos Osório, Fernando
2011IMprove the thermal models in order to take into acount radiation and conduction and the influence of the temperature on the parameter variationsSerra Cervera, AlecMaussion, Pascal
2011Review of waste concrete recycling and applicationTobar Pérez, Marta BeatrizZhao, Yuxi
2011Voltage regulation of medium voltage distribution system in the presence of decentralized generation unitSeguí Llabrés, María CatalinaLobry, Jacques
2011Comportement à corrosion de l'aluminium 2050-T3 et post-traitement T8 sur friction stir weldingSemis Costa, AnnaLacroix, Loic
2011Gestion d'un portefeuille de commandes clientsForet Armadans, AlbertoVideau, Françoise
2011Joint Air Quality Initiative – JOAQUINPereira Toledano, IvanSerre, Damien
2011Sustainable Renovation in Buildings: an analysis of the regulation framework in North-Western EuropePorredón Picas, JuditColombert, Morgane
2011Furfural stability in various conditionsOreiro Muzas, OlayaTanskanen, Juha
2011Integrated environmental and economic assessment of heat and warm wa-ter supply systems in a residential building from a life cycle perspectiveSebastiá Puig, AmaliaKrieg, Hannes
2011Determination of the fuel saving measures for motorcyclesPallas Pueyo, JorgeBeidl, Christian
2011Transport cost and environmental impactVázquez Sánchez, VíctorSgarbossa, Fabio
2011Development of 2020 strategy for A-Telecom & RWA optimization program for B-bankFrancés Barrera, DavidFournier, Willy
2011Agent-based approach to supply chain: How unexpected changes in the factory affect the supply chainVernet Gavarró, AleixLillrank, Paul
2011Thermal Storage using Phase Change Materials: Encapsulation of PCM by MiniemulsionSoy Florido, MireiaMcKenna, Timothy F.L.
2011Study of stress corrosion cracking resistance of ultrafinegrained zirconium alloysNogués Martín, PereNikulin, S.A.
2011Battery module design for electric racecarTenas Garcia, JosepBalázs, Gergely György
2011Preparation of Metal Nanoparticles via Sonochemical ReductionSaura Puig, OriolPintarič, Zorka Novak
2011Processing of Acousto-Ultrasonic Data for analysis of temperature parameters and damage detection in CFRP StructuresMoix-Bonet, MariaBoller, Christian
2011Design of the Front Upright for a Formula Student Racing CarFarran Pascual, AlbaNeilson, Richard D.
2011Friction Stir Welding and Processing of Aluminium AlloysSerra Bigas, EstelaDymek, Stanislaw
2011Renewable hydrogen production. The role of Solar Thermal Water SplittingVicens García, GabrielHankala-Janiec, Teressa
2011Parameterized Control Methodology for a Modular Flying RobotPicallo Cruz, MiguelOung, Raymond
2011Shrinkage Reducing Admixtures in ConstructionSeguí Femenias, YurenaEberhardt, Arnd B.; Flatt, Robert J.
2011Thermal analysis of an absorption refrigeration cycle using an ionic liquid and water as working pairManzano Martí, AnnaSchaber, Karlheinz
2011A Novel Assist-as-Needed Controller for Locomotion Training in the fMRIGómez-Lor López, IsaacRiener, Robert
2011Phosphate adsorption onto laterite and laterite waste from a leaching processMéndez Pasarín, MartínWalker, Gavin M.
2011Paneles Solares Caseros en Rinconada Lo VialMus Pujulà, JoelCifuentes Lira, Luis Abdón
2011Entwicklung eines zerstörungsfreien Kollisionsschutzsystems für MotorspindelnSerrahima Ortubia, NachoKorff, Dennis
2011Vergleich der Drehbearbeitungsoperationen von TiAl6V4 und Ti6242 unter Berücksichtigung optimaler Spanparameter für die Erzeugung höchster OberflächenqualitätenGalí Castro, ArnauDewald, Mario; Abele, Eberhard
2011Entwurf und Konstruktion einer Prüfvorrichtung zur Untersuchung von Kunststoffzahnrädern für einen ÖlpumpenantriebBou Romano, Josep MariaFürstenberger, Matthias
2011High torque, high impact braking system by using Hot Melt Adhesive (HMA)Fernandez Bocanegra, Juan JoséIida, Fumiya
2011Extraction of Citrus maxima: design of experiments by Taguchi methodGibanel Zueras, TeresaSkerget, Mojca
2011Exhaust heat recovery on automotive combustion enginesGil Arbues, AndreaKuthada, Timo
2011Analysis of low temperature carbon dioxide capture in a supersonic nozzleHernandez Nogales, ÁlvaroHirsch, Christoph
2011Fuel cell and supercapacitors remote control carMartín Matas, JordiBlunier, Benjamin
2011Vibroacoustic modelling of orthotropic platesVillar Venini, JordiCorradi, Roberto
2011Optimal Control of Wind Turbines in Strong Wind ConditionsBarroso Montes, MelissaZhong Shen, Wen
2011Assessment of granulated fertilizers from waste materialsBelmonte Zamora, CarlesKumpiene, Jurate
2011Estructuración y comportamiento de estructuras planasBestard Nigorra, MiquelChacón García, Francisco de Jesús
2010Harmonisation des procedes technologiques de l'entite assemblage integration et testsMartinez de Mingo, AlejandroBes, Marie-Pierre
2010Parametrische Optimierung eines QuerträgersOrantes Riera, ManelSchindler,Volker
2010Carbonate looping process for CO2 captureCalafat Frontera, JoanHoffmann, Dork
2010Thermodynamics of room-temperature ionic liquids: Modelling and experimentBarceló González, PaulaJohannes Kiefer
2010Application of intelligent materials to enhance SPAR floating offshore platforms stabilityRius Planas, MariaAntonio Jose nunes
2010Diseño e implementación del sistema de navegación inercial de un robot submarinoNavarro Tomás, JavierRony Javier Caballero George
2010Optimization of a bus fleet maintenance policy under logistics constraintsRipoll Nonell, FranciscoLabeau, Pierre-Etienne
20103D Mapping of indoor environments using RGB-D Kinect camera for robotic mobile applicationPerez Bonnal, EmmanuelBona, Basilio
20103D Mapping of indoor environments using RGB-D Kinect camera for robotic mobile applicationPerez Bonnal, EmmanuelBona, Basilio
2010NIR Implementation for Binder Curing and LOI measurementAleñar Chortey, JaumeLe Courtois, Veronique
2010Disegno e sviluppo di una libreria per bibliotecaRabassó Castellví, JordiRossi, Stefano
2010Feasibility study of modifying Gävle Folkets Hus's ventilation system to improve efficiencyMalet Luquin, OmarHansson, Peter
2010Développement stratégique de X BanqueTourtchine Roig, JorgeValérie Ferreboeuf
2010Estudio del potencial de desarrollo de energías renovables y eficiencia energética en la comuna de Quillota, ChileMonés Torrelles, NatàliaSergio Almonacid M.
2010Características y antecedentes de edificios de muros de hormigón armado dañados durante el terremoto chileno del 27 de Febrero de 2010Tarramera Oliván, María del PilarHube Ginestar, Matias Andrés
2010Validation of Equivalent Viscous Damping MethodologiesVaquer Araujo, XavierJoseph Morlier
2010Comportement électrique d’une colonne d’adsorbantBlas Montesinos, LuciaGrevillot, Georges
2010Covalent immobilization of horseradish peroxidase onto magnetic nanoparticlesCampayo Sumalla, TaniaHabulin, Maja
2010Parametric Turbine Blade Development ModelVilalta Rovira, RosaKunz, Andreas
2010Development of an automatic test device for force and displacement measurements for automotive productsRomero Ruiz, JoseEngels, Michael
2010Experimental and numerical analysis of the slag entrapment in Ariane 5 solid rocket motorsRodríguez Rodríguez, CristóbalGalfetti, Luciano
2010Workplace specific set of energy related indicators considering recent challenges in the automotive and semiconductor industryPeña Blume, AlejandraGrismajer, Martin
2010Design and realization of a testbench for high dynamic performance permanent magnet synchronous motorsRudé Moreno, MiquelSébastien Mariéthoz
2010Simulation and Optimization of a Generic Kraft Pulp MillBarahona Vazquez, JavierLine, Alain
2010A study of Cross‐cultural issues of Spanish Companies in ChinaRoca-Ribas Vives, MontserratZhang, Gangfeng
2010Nickel matrix micro/nano SiC composite electrodepositionAlbert Calbeto, SòniaFedrizzi, Lorenzo
2010A design method for parts picking zones in a manufacturing environmentRosell Arévalo, ValentínH. Van Landeghem
2010Firewall and driver's seat for Formula Student Racing Car FEST11Rodríguez Rodríguez, RaúlKoiv, Risto
2010Process Mining Opportunities for CMMI AssessmentsRiera Cruañas, JordiSotsdirector de Relacions Internacionals
2010Smart Cities InitiativeOnaciu Saulescu, Iris-SinzianaHusson, Lionel
2010Conception préliminaire de carters pour actionneursVallmajo Ribas, RobertBudinger, Marc
2010Meta-analysis of firm internal and external actors and their influence on new venturesMir Gaya, EvaFlanschger, Andreas
2010Modelisation discrete d'un systeme paravalanches mono-ancrageOlmedo Manich, IgnacioDuffour, M.
2010Ottimizzazione della risposta dinamica di un sistema di aspirazione di un motoreTerricabras Castells, JoanBortoluzzi, Daniele
2010Self-Organizing Manufacturing Control Based on Wasp BehaviourKachachi Fernández, NabelZülch, Gert
2010Investigation of microclimatic envelopes for a building area with respect to indoor environment and energy performanceSierra Koltomov, MaximSvendsen, Svend
2010Energetic performance analysis of absorption cooling plants integrated in solar thermal and district heating systemsO'Reilly Ibañez, Ciaran CormacCorrales Ciganda, José L.
2010Evaluation de la performance énergétique des sous-stations des réseaux de chaleur et de froid urbainsFinez Moral, ElenaFanton, Jean-Pierre
2010Lean Manufacturing: Assembly Line Efficiency ImprovementSaperas Caminal, JordiSafar, Mazin
2010Technical Modelling and Comparison of two codigestion plants in GermanyAlcoba Recasens, IreneBalussou, David
2010Supply chain in healthcare. Comparison between North-West Italy and CatalunyaFabregat Corominas, MariaRafele, Carlo
2010Investigation of micro-architected materials with unusual combinations of stiffness and dampingAuria Rasclosa, BorjaValdevit, Lorenzo
2010Réalisation d’un simulateur de gestion de production utilisant MRP ou KanbanPastrana Alonso, Ana BelénLossent, Luc
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