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  • Test escapes of stuck-open faults caused by parasitic capacitances and leakage currents 

    Arumi Delgado, Daniel; Rodríguez Montañés, Rosa; Figueras, Joan (2015-09-24)
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    Intragate open defects are responsible for a significant percentage of defects in present technologies. A majority of these defects causes the logic gate to become stuck open, and this is why they are traditionally modeled ...
  • Efficient production binning using octree tessellation in the alternate measurements space 

    Gómez Pau, Álvaro; Balado Suárez, Luz María; Figueras Pàmies, Joan (2015)
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    Binning after volume production is a widely accepted technique to classify fabricated ICs into different clusters depending on different degrees of specification compliance. This allows the manufacturer to sell non optimal ...
  • Prebond testing of weak defects in TSVs 

    Arumi Delgado, Daniel; Rodríguez Montañés, Rosa; Figueras Pàmies, Joan (2015-08-07)
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    Through-silicon vias (TSVs) are critical elements in 3-D integrated circuits susceptible to defects during fabrication and lifetime. It is desirable to detect defective TSVs in the early steps of the fabrication process ...

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