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  • Supervisory control interface design for unmanned aerial vehicles through GEDIS-UAV 

    Lorite, Salvador; Muñoz, Adolfo; Tornero, Josep; Ponsa Asensio, Pere; Pastor Llorens, Enric (2013-07-26)
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    This paper reflects the state of art in the field of human factors for unmanned aerial vehicles. It describes the GEDIS-UAV guide, which is a mod- ification of the GEDIS guide. It also shows the evaluation of the ...
  • Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning for Engineering Curriculum 

    Rojas Gregorio, José Ignacio; Prats Menéndez, Xavier; Villardi de Montlaur, Adeline de; Valero García, Miguel; García-Berro Montilla, Enrique (IGI Global, 2010)
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    The main purpose of this paper is to describe the process by which an initially limited-range practical experience, within the frame of a given subject in an aerospace engineering degree, might be expanded to become the ...

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