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  • New trends in mobility modelling and handover prediction 

    Barceló Arroyo, Francisco; Gorawski, Michal; Grochla, Krzysztof; Martín Escalona, Israel; Polys, Konrad; Ribeiro, Andrea G.; Sofia, Rute; Zola, Enrica Valeria (Springer, 2014)
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    Wireless networks of moving objects have drawn significant attention recently. These types of networks consist of a number of autonomous or semi-autonomous wireless nodes/objects moving with diverse patterns and speeds ...
  • Robust association for multi-radio devices under coverage of multiple networks 

    Zola, Enrica Valeria; Dely, Peter; Kassler, Andreas; Barceló Arroyo, Francisco (Springer, 2013)
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    Many devices are nowadays equipped with multiple wireless network interfaces such as GSM, HSPA+ and WLAN. This requires a mechanism for identifying which access network to use at a given time so to provide best user ...

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