The Group for Educational Innovation and Logistics in Architecture (GILDA) organizes in collaboration with the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE-UPC), the Workshop for Educational Innovation in Architecture (JIDA). The JIDA workshop has as its aim the divulgation and exchange of experiences on educational innovation in the context of graduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of architecture and urbanism. The purpose of the JIDA workshop is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in higher education taking into account the uniqueness of these fields of knowledge. The workshop is open to the participation of all those professionals in higher education who wish to share their experience on educational innovation in the field of Architecture and Urbanism with the scientific community, as well as to the experts and novices interested in this subject.

Peer Review Process: Selection and evaluation of manuscripts will be conducted by external peer reviewers, with a double-blind system: the Organizing Committee will verify that the article meets the standards for style and contents indicated in the guidelines for authors; afterwards, it will send the article to two anonymous reviewers experts. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, authors will receive an outcome of the evaluation.

Comité organitzador JIDA | JIDA Organizing Committee:
Jordi Franquesa | Departament d'Urbanisme i Ordenació del Territori | ETSAB-UPC
Berta Bardí i Milà | Departament de Projectes Arquitectònics | ETSAV-UPC
Ricardo Devesa | Departament de Composició Arquitectònica | ETSAB-UPC
Daniel García-Escudero | Departament de Projectes Arquitectònics | ETSAB-UPC
Mariona Genis | Departament de Construccions Arquitectòniques | BAU
Carles Marcos | Departament de Projectes Arquitectònics | ETSAV-UPC
Joan Moreno | Departament d'Urbanisme i Ordenació del Territori | ETSAV-UPC
Judit Taberna | Departament d'Expressió gràfica i arquitectònica | ETSAB-UPC

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Recent Submissions

  • Cross-disciplinary collaborative entrepreneurial education: zone learning and architecture 

    Ripley, Colin (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    While we are clearly in the early stages, Zone Learning presents a significant potential shift in architectural education. This paper presents the impetus behind the DFZ, addressing its relationship to a professional ...
  • Postgraduate design courses as research think tanks for cultural institutions 

    Paez, Roger; Montes, Toni (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    In the interest of reinforcing the relationship between academic research and professional practice, certain postgraduate design courses can serve as research think tanks for cultural institutions or projects which may ...
  • Thermal evaluation of buildings 

    Barajas, Luís M; Roset Calzada, Jaime; La Ferla, Giuseppe (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The convenience of the use of environmental building evaluation tools, to know design conditions and thermal behavior, by using bioclimatic strategies for determining a good early design processes of the building, , as ...
  • Arquitectura informacional: aplicación de lógicas informacionales en las etapas iniciales del proyecto de arquitectura 

    Villegas Ballesta, Miguel (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    El presente trabajo forma parte de la investigación doctoral sobre las implicaciones y potencias del diseño informacional en las etapas iniciales del proyecto de arquitectura. Denominamos diseño informacional a los ...
  • La práctica profesional del arquitecto y su formación en la sociedad actual 

    Masdéu Bernat, Marta (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    La presente comunicación forma parte de la tesis doctoral ‘La enseñanza de la arquitectura en la era de la información: un nuevo modelo pedagógico de taller para nuevos profesionales’. El objetivo de la tesis consiste ...
  • Emergent digital design strategies in architecture: tools and methodologies 

    Bravo, Maite (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    The emergence of digital tools in architecture since the beginning of the XXI century is deeply transforming the protocols, the design methodologies, and the conceptualization of the discipline. Traditional architectural ...
  • X-ing disciplines from architecture: the case of Aalto Arts 

    Ahlava, Antti; Nieto, Fernando (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    In the last years, the new notions of architecture and the new roles of architects have caused strong changes regarding architectural education. These changes are demanding a user-driven strategy more focused on human ...
  • Innovations of architectural studies at Kaunas University of Technology 

    Kamičaitytė-Virbašienė, Jūratė; Lim, Tea; Zaleckis, Kęstutis (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    During the last decade in the context of the desired results of architectural studies described in European directive 2013/55/EU the following problems and challenges in the field of learning quality at KTU could be observed: ...
  • La enseñanza de la arquitectura en primer año: estudios comparados 

    Albornoz, Cristina; Mejía, Claudia; Restrepo, Fabio; Villazón, Rafael; Saga, Manuel (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Esta comunicación hace parte del proyecto de investigación: “La enseñanza de la arquitectura en primer año”, adelantado por el grupo de investigación en Arquitectura, Ciudad y Educación -ACE, del programa de Arquitectura ...
  • El urbanismo de las matemáticas 

    Rivera, Rafael; Trujillo, Macarena (2015-05)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    Los estudiantes de arquitectura participan en el aprendizaje de ciencias sociales y exactas sin que se llegue a definir con precisión su compatibilización. Las asignaturas suelen ser compartimentos estancos, con lo que ...

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