JOTSE is an international Journal aiming at publishing interdisciplinary research within the university education framework and it is especially focused on the fields of Technology and Science. JOTSE serves as an international forum of reference for Engineering education.

Teaching innovation oriented, the journal will be issued twice per year (every 6 months) and will include original works, research and projects dealing with the new learning methodologies and new learning supporting tools related to the wide range of disciplines the Engineering studies and profession involve.

Editors in chief

Beatriz Amante García, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,BarcelonaTech, Spain

María Martínez Martínez, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,BarcelonaTech, Spain

Editorial Team

Graciela Benzal, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina

Juan Antonio Llorens Molina,Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Sònia Oliver del Olmo, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Noelia Olmedo, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Spain

Cristina Poyatos Matas, Griffith University, Australia

Francisco Rejón-Guardia, University of Granada, Spain

Lorenzo Salas-Morera, Escuela Politécnica de la Universidad de Córdoba, Spain

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e-ISSN: 2013-6374

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Recent Submissions

  • A multicultural approach to teach sustainability 

    Caetano, Nídia de Sá; Rocha, João Simões; Quadrado, José Carlos; Cardoso, José Marílio; Felgueiras, Manuel Carlos (OmniaScience, 2015-12)
    Open Access
    Globalization is a tendency that covers all society perspectives in general, and the high education in particular. The main traditional objective of these institutions was to prepare domestic students with a set of skills. ...
  • Introducing ethical, social and environmental issues in ICT engineering degrees 

    Miñano Rubio, Rafael; Fernández Aller, María Celia; Anguera de Sojo Hernández, Aurea María; Portillo Aldana, Eloy (OmniaScience, 2015-12)
    Open Access
    This paper describes the experience of introducing ethical, social and environmental issues in undergraduate ICT engineering degrees at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. It is an example of both bottom-up and top-down ...
  • Developing an aquaponics system to learn sustainability and social compromise skills 

    Duarte, Abel José; Malheiro, Benedita; Castro Ribeiro, Cristina; Silva, Manuel Fernando; Ferreira, Paulo; Guedes, Pedro (OmniaScience, 2015-12)
    Open Access
    The goal of this project, one of the proposals of the EPS@ISEP Spring 2014, was to develop an Aquaponics System. Over recent years Aquaponics systems have received increased attention since they contribute to reduce the ...
  • A focus on teaching and learning sustainability and social commitment skills 

    Alier Forment, Marc; Caetano, Nidia; García Peñalvo, Francisco José; Amante García, Beatriz; Martínez Martínez, María del Rosario (OmniaScience, 2015-12)
    Open Access
    This JOTSE Special Issue is dedicated to the topic of teaching and learning the Sustainability and Social Compromise Skills, with a special focus in the context of engineering education. This topic was discussed in the ...
  • Experiences using an open source software library to teach computer vision subjects 

    Cazorla Quevedo, Miguel A.; Viejo Hernando, Diego (OmniaScience, 2015-09)
    Open Access
    Machine vision is an important subject in computer science and engineering degrees. For laboratory experimentation, it is desirable to have a complete and easy-to-use tool. In this work we present a Java library, oriented ...
  • Teaching engineering with autonomous learning activities 

    Otero Calviño, Beatriz; Rodríguez Luna, Eva; Royo Chic, Pablo (OmniaScience, 2015-09)
    Open Access
    This paper proposes several activities that encourage self-learning in engineering courses. For each activity, the context and the pedagogical issues addressed are described emphasizing strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, ...
  • Optimizing classroom instruction through self-paced learning prototype 

    Bautista, Romiro Gordo (OmniaScience, 2015-09)
    Open Access
    This study investigated the learning impact of self-paced learning prototype in optimizing classroom instruction towards students’ learning in Chemistry. Two sections of 64 Laboratory High School students in Chemistry were ...
  • Skill development in experimental courses 

    Bagán Navarro, Héctor; Sayós Santigosa, Rosa; García Martínez, José Francisco (OmniaScience, 2015-09)
    Open Access
    Experimental courses offer a good opportunity to work with competences, promoting the incorporation of strategies oriented towards motivating students to actively involve in the learning process, promoting reflexive learning ...
  • JOTSE and quality matters 

    Martínez Martínez, María del Rosario; Amante García, Beatriz (OmniaScience, 2015-09)
    Open Access
  • Google+ as a tool for use in cooperative laboratory activities between universities 

    Puig Ortiz, Joan; Pàmies Vila, Rosa; Martínez Miralles, Jordi Ramon (OmniaScience, 2015-06)
    Open Access
    The following is a proposal for collaboration between universities with the aim to improve curricula that require laboratory activities. A methodology is suggested to implement an innovative educational project involving ...

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