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Vista preliminarDataTítolAutor(s)
1-s2.0-S0026265X14001775-main_1.pdf.jpggen-2015Micro infrared spectroscopy discrimination capability of compounds in complex matrices of thin layers in real sample coatings from artworksBeltran Sanchidrian, Victòria; Salvadó Cabré, Nativitat; Buti Papiol, Salvador; Cinque, Gianfelice
1-set-2014Determination of hexavalent chromium in leather by ion-exchange chromatographyFont Vallès, Joaquim; Perez Quiñones, Carmen; Reyes Farrera, María R.; Cobos, Mireia; Combalia Cendra, Felip; Marsal Monge, Agustí
new_insights.pdf.jpg6-mai-2014New insights on blue pigments used in 15th century paintings by synchrotron radiation-based micro-FTIR and XRDSalvadó Cabré, Nativitat; Buti Papiol, Salvador; Garcia Aranda, Miguel A.; Pradell Cara, Trinitat
nov-2013Characterization of the volatile organic compounds by hs-spme-cg-ms in the leather sectorCuadros Domènech, Rosa Maria; Ollé Otero, Lluís; Bacardit Dalmases, Anna; Font Vallès, Joaquim
determination_of_fungicides.pdf.jpg4-feb-2013Determination of fungicides in residual tanning floats using solid phase micro extractionFont Vallès, Joaquim; Reyes Reyes, Maria; Cuadros, Sara; Bacardit Dalmases, Anna; Ollé Otero, Lluís; Marsal Monge, Agustín
2013Alternative Fungicides for the Leather Industry: Application in Various Processes.Cuadros Domènech, Sara; Manresa Presas, Mª Angels; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Puig Vidal, Rita; Marsal Monge, Agustí
1-jun-2012Study of the effect of temperature, relative humidity and UV radiation on chrome-tanned leather ageingBacardit Dalmases, Anna; Jorba, Montse; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Ollé Otero, Lluís
mar-2012Evaluation of a lime-mediated sewage sludge stabilisation process. Product characterisation and technological validation for its use in the cement industryFlores, J.; Larrotcha, E.; Fos, C.; Husillos Rodríguez, N.; Granados, R.J.; Blanco Varela, M.Teresa; Cortina Pallás, José Luís; Martínez Ramírez, Sagrario; Marsal Astort, Montserrat; Guillem, Manel; Puig, J.
8-feb-2012Comparison of weathering variables on chrome-tanned and wet-white leather ageingOllé Otero, Lluís; Jorba, Montse; Castell, Joan Carles; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Bacardit Dalmases, Anna
2011Comparisonof the effect of the tropical test on both chrome-tanned and wet-white upholstery leatherOllé Otero, Lluís; Jorba Rafart, Montse; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Bacardit Dalmases, Anna
2011Biodegradation of wet-white leatherOllé Otero, Lluís; Jorba Rafart, Montse; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Shendrik, Alexander; Bacardit Dalmases, Anna
2011Environmental optimization of chromium recovery from tannery sludge using a life cycle assessment approachKiliç, Eylem; Puig Vidal, Rita; Baquero Armans, Grau; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Colak, Selime; Gürler, Deniz
2011SR-XRD and SR-FTIR study of the alteration of silver foils in medieval paintingsSalvadó Cabré, Nativitat; Buti Papiol, Salvador; Labrador, A.; Cinque, Gianfelice; Emerich, Hermann; Pradell Cara, Trinitat
nov-2010The role of microspectroscopy techniques in the study of historic artworksSalvadó Cabré, Nativitat; Buti Papiol, Salvador; Pradell Cara, Trinitat
jul-2009Identification of reaction compounds in micrometric layers from gothic paintings using combined SR-XRD and SR-FTIRSalvadó Cabré, Nativitat; Buti Papiol, Salvador; Nicholson, J; Emerich, H; Labrador, A; Pradell Cara, Trinitat
2009Recovery of organic nitrogen from beamhouse wastewater in a hair recovery processRius Carrasco, Antoni; Marsal Monge, Agustín; Bautista, E.; Cuadros, Sara; Reyes Reyes, Maria; Font Vallès, Joaquim
2009Waste water reutilization in the leather industry using membrane technologyRoig, Joan; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Marginet, Xavier; Jorba, M.; Ollé Otero, Lluís; Bacardit Dalmases, Anna; Puig Vidal, Rita
2008Inter-laboratory study on formaldehyde determination by HPLCMarsal Monge, Agustín; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Viera, Susanna; Cuadros, Sara; Rius Carrasco, Antoni; Reyes Reyes, Maria; Verdú, Emilio; Jorba, Montse; Juárez, Miguel-Angel
28-feb-2007Sequential injection analysis with second-order treatment for the determination of dyes in the exhaustion process of tanning effluentsGómez, Verónica; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Callao, Maria Pilar
2005Salinity reduction in the production of nappa skins by using agents with non-swelling capacity in pickling/tanningMarsal Monge, Agustín; Rius Carrasco, Antoni; Cot Cosp, Jaume; Lalueza Baro, Joana; Ramón, Palop; Font Vallès, Joaquim
2004Auxiliary agents with non-swelling capacity used in pickling/tanning processes. Part 3.Marsal Monge, Agustín; Ramón, Palop; Font Vallès, Joaquim; Cot Cosp, Jaume; Frías, Vicente; Manich Bou, Albert M.


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