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abr-2015Use of redundant data to reduce estimation errors in geochemical speciationGaspari, Francesca de; Saaltink, Maarten Willem; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Slooten, Luit Jan
abr-2015Modeling the hydrogeochemical evolution of brine in saline systems: case study of the Sabkha of Oum El Khialate in South East TunisiaNasri, N; Bouhlila, R; Saaltink, Maarten Willem; Gamazo, Pablo
ACUALAC-Tordera.pdf.jpgmar-2015Efectos del cambio climático y usos del suelo sobre los recursos hídricos de la cuenca del río Tordera (Barcelona, España)Candela Lledó, Lucila; Tamoh, Karim; Olivares Cerpa, Gonzalo; Gómez Valentín, Manuel; Valdés Abellán, Javier
Agric-Res.pdf.jpgmar-2015Comparison among monitoring strategies to assess water flow dynamic and soil hydraulic properties in agricultural soilsValdés Abellán, Javier; Jiménez Martínez, Joaquín; Candela Lledó, Lucila; Tamoh, Karim
1-gen-2015Quantifying chemical reactions by using mixing analysisJurado Elices, Anna; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Tubau Fernandez, Isabel; Pujades Garnes, Estanislao
1-nov-2014Occurrence of carbamazepine and five metabolites in an urban aquiferJurado Elices, Anna; López Serna, Rebeca; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Pujades Garnes, Estanislao; Petrovic, Mira; Barceló Culleres, Damià
19-set-2014Connecting bacterial colonization to physical and biochemical changes in a sand box infiltration experimentRubol, Simonetta; Freixa, Anna; Carles Brangari, Albert; Fernández García, Daniel; Romani Cornet, Anna Maria; Sánchez Vila, Francisco Javier
set-2014Experimental monitoring and numerical study of pesticide (carbofuran) transfer in an agricultural soil at a field siteHmimou, Abderrahim; Maslouhi, Abdellatif; Tamoh, Karim; Candela Lledó, Lucila
~0355993.pdf.jpgset-2014Toward efficiency in heterogeneous multispecies reactive transport modeling: A particle-tracking solution for first-order network reactionsHenri, Christopher Vincent; Fernández García, Daniel
21-ago-2014Dewatering of a deep excavation undertaken in a layered soilPujades Garnes, Estanislao; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Jurado Elices, Anna
1-ago-2014Characterization of flow parameters and evidence of pore clogging during limestone dissolution experimentsLuquot, Linda; Roetting, Tobias Stefan; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús
1-ago-2014Nitrate attenuation potential of hypersaline lake sediments in central Spain : flow-through and batch experimentsCarrey, Raul; Rodríguez Escales, Paula-Felicidad; Otero, Neus; Ayora Ibáñez, Carlos; Soler Gil, Albert; Gómez-Alday, Juan josé
1-mai-2014Environmental distribution and health impacts of As and Pb in crops and soils near Vinto smelter, Oruro, BoliviaRoetting, Tobias Stefan; Mercado, M; Garcia, M. E.; Quintanilla, J.
1-mai-2014A fractal model to describe the evolution of multiphase flow properties during mineral dissolutionGuarracino, Luis; Roetting, Tobias Stefan; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús
15014127.pdf.jpgmai-2014Origin of waters from small springs located at the northern coast of Chile, in the vicinity of AntofagastaHerrera Lameli, Christian; Custodio Gimena, Emilio
30-abr-2014Urban groundwater contamination by residues of UV filtersJurado Elices, Anna; Gago Ferrero, Pablo; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Pujades Garnes, Estanislao; Díaz Cruz, Sílvia; Barceló Culleres, Damià
feb-2014Integrated modeling of biogeochemical reactions and associated isotope fractionations at batch scale: A tool to monitor enhanced biodenitrification applicationsRodríguez-Escales, Paula; van Breukelen, Boris M.; Vidal-Gavilan, Georgina; Soler, Albert; Folch Sancho, Albert
gen-2014Spatial average recharge through atmospheric chloride mass balance and its uncertainty in continental SpainAlcalá, F.J.; Custodio Gimena, Emilio
1-nov-2013Use of hydraulic tests to identify the residual CO2 saturation at a geological storage siteMartínez Landa, Lourdes; Roetting, Tobias Stefan; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Russian, Anna; Dentz, Marco; Cubillo, Bruno
nov-2013Acid mine drainage in the Iberian Pyrite Belt: 2. Lessons learned from recent passive remediation experiencesAyora Ibáñez, Carlos; Caraballo, Manuel A.; Macías Suárez, Francisco; Roetting, Tobias Stefan; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Nieto Liñán, José Miguel
17-oct-2013Assessment of water resources management in the Ethiopian Central Rift valley. Environmental conservation, sustainability and poverty reductionPascual Ferrer, Jordi; Pérez Foguet, Agustí; Codony, Jordi; Raventós, Ester; Candela Lledó, Lucila
oct-2013Travel time distributions under convergent radial flow in heterogeneous formations: Insight from the analytical solution of a stratified modelPedretti, Daniele; Fiori, Aldo
1-jul-2013Stochastic simulation of nonstationary rainfall fields, accounting for seasonality and atmospheric circulation pattern evolutionSapriza Azuri, Gonzalo; Jódar Bermúdez, Jorge; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Gupta, Hoshin Vijai
1-abr-2013The use of GIS-based 3D geological tools to improve hydrogeological models of sedimentary media in an urban environmentVelasco Mansilla, Domitila Violeta; Gogu, Constantin Radu; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Garriga, Adan; Ramos, E.; Riera, J.; Alcaraz, M.
abr-2013An analytical solution to study substrate-microbial dynamics in soilsSánchez Vila, Francisco Javier; Rubol, Simonetta; Carles Brangari, Albert; Fernández García, Daniel
abr-2013Mobility and interaction of heavy metals in a natural soilBianchi Janetti, Emanuela; Dror,Ishai; Riva, Monica; Guadagnini, Alberto; Sánchez Vila, Francisco Javier; Berkowitz, Brian
17-gen-2013Thermal coupling may control mechanical stability of geothermal reservoirs during cold water injectionSimone, Silvia de; Vilarrasa Riaño, Víctor; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Alcolea Rodríguez, Andrés; Meier, Peter
16-gen-2013Semianalytical solution for CO2 plume shape and pressure evolution during CO2 injection in deep saline formationsVilarrasa Riaño, Víctor; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Bolster, Diogo; Dentz, Marco
10-gen-2013Granulometry and surfactants, key factors in desorption and biodegradation (T. versicolor) of PAHs in soil and groundwaterRodriguez-Escales, Paula; Borras, Eduard; Sarra, Montserrat; Folch Sancho, Albert
1-gen-2013Granulometry and surfactants, key factors in desorption and biodegradation (T.versicolor) of PAHs in soil and groundwaterRodríguez Escales, Paula-Felicidad; Borràs, Eduard; Sarrà, Montserrat; Folch Sancho, Albert
2013Multi-isotopic study (15N, 34S, 18O, 13C) to identify processes affecting nitrate and sulfate in response to local and regional groundwater mixing in a large-scale flow systemPuig, Roger; Folch Sancho, Albert; Menció, Anna; Soler Gil, Albert; Mas-Pla, Josep
Velasco, Cabello et al.pdf.jpg4-des-2012A sequence stratigraphic based geological model for constraining hydrogeological modeling in the urbanized area of the Quaternary Besòs delta (NW Mediterranean coast, Spain)Velasco Mansilla, Domitila Violeta; Cabello, P.; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; López Blanco, M.; Ramos, E.; Tubau Fernandez, Maria Isabel
des-2012Time-lapse cross-hole electrical resistivity tomography monitoring effects of an urban tunnelBellmunt, F.; Ledo, J.; Queralt, P.; Falgas, E.; Marcuello, A.; Benjumea, B.; Velasco Mansilla, Domitila Violeta; Vázquez Suñé, Enric
nov-2012Fate of ß-blockers in aquifer material under nitrate reducing conditions: Batch experimentsBarbieri, Manuela; Licha, Tobias; Nödler, K.; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Ayora Ibáñez, Carlos; Sánchez Vila, Francisco Javier
1-set-2012From highly polluted Zn-rich acid mine drainage to non-metallic waters: Implementation of a multi-step alkaline passive treatment system to remediate metal pollutionMacías, Francisco; Caraballo, Manuel A.; Roetting, Tobias Stefan; Pérez López, Rafael; Nieto, José Miguel; Ayora Ibáñez, Carlos
1-set-2012Stochastic evaluation of mixing-controlled steady-state plume lenghts in two-dimensional heterogeneous domainsCirpka, Olaf; Rolle, Massimo; Chiogna, Gabrielle; Barros, Felipe de; Nowak, Wolfgang
abr-2012Claves y oportunidades para un pacto del agua en EspañaGarrido, Alberto; Custodio Gimena, Emilio
feb-2012Multiphase transport of tritium in unsaturated porous media-bare and vegetated soilsJiménez Martínez, Joaquín; Tamoh, Karim; Candela Lledó, Lucila; Elorza, F.J.; Hunkeler, D.
543.pdf.jpg2012Seawater injection barrier recharge with advanced reclaimed water at Llobregat delta aquifer (Spain)Ortuño Gobern, Felip; Molinero Huguet, Jorge Jose; Garrido, Teresa; Custodio Gimena, Emilio
2011WR011016.pdf.jpg2012A hypothesis-driven approach to optimize field campaignsNowak, Wolfgang; Rubin, Y.; Barros, Felipe de
2012Emerging organic contaminants in groundwater in Spain: A review of sources, recent occurrence and fate in a European contextJurado Elices, Anna; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; López de Alda, Miren; Pujades Garnes, Estanislao; Barceló, Damià
2012Barrier effect of underground structures on aquifersPujades Garnes, Estanislao; López, Ander; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Vázquez Suñé, Enric; Jurado Elices, Anna
5778762.pdf.jpg31-mai-2011Tracking sewage derived contamination in riverine settings by analysis of synthetic surfactantsCorada-Fernández, Carmen; Lara-Martín, Pablo A; Candela Lledó, Lucila; González-Mazo, Eduardo
29-mai-2011Combining physical-based models and satellite images for the spatio-temporal assessment of soil infiltration capacityPedretti, Daniele; Fernández García, Daniel; Sánchez Vila, Francisco Javier; Barahona-Palomo, Marco; Bolster, Diogo
feb-2011Diffuse and concentrated recharge evaluation using physical and tracer techniques: results from a semiarid carbonate massif aquifer in southeastern SpainDomingo, Francisco; Alcalá, F.J.; Canton, Yolanda; Contreras, Sergio; Were, Anna; Serrano Ortiz, Penelope; Solé, Albert; Custodio Gimena, Emilio; Puigdefàbregas Sagristà, Joan
1-gen-2011CWM1 implementation in RetrasoCodeBright: first results using horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland data, Chemical Engineering JournalLlorens Ribes, Esther; Saaltink, Maarten Willem; García Serrano, Joan
1-gen-2011Bacterial transformation and biodegradation processes simulation in horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands using CWM1-RETRASOLlorens Ribes, Esther; Saaltink, Maarten Willem; Poch, Manel; García Serrano, Joan
1-gen-2011Experimental and modeling investigation of multicomponent reactive transport in porous mediaKatz, Graham; Berkowitz, Brian; Guadagnini, Alberto; Saaltink, Maarten Willem
gen-2011Dynamics of water vapor flux and water separation processes during evaporation from a salty dry soilGran, Meritxell; Massana, Jordi; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Saaltink, Maarten Willem; Olivella Pastallé, Sebastià; Ayora Ibáñez, Carlos; Lloret Morancho, Antonio
4959529.pdf.jpg2011Modeling evaporation processes in a saline soil from saturation to oven dry conditionsGran Esforzado, Meritxell; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Olivella Pastallé, Sebastià; Saaltink, Maarten Willem
2011Shear-induced flow channels in a single rock fracture and their effect on solute transportVilarrasa Riaño, Víctor; Koyama, T.; Neretnieks, I.; Jing, L.
Geomechanical stability of the caprock during CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers.pdf.jpg2011Geomechanical stability of the caprock during CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifersVilarrasa Riaño, Víctor; Olivella Pastallé, Sebastià; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús
Probability density function of steady state concentration in two-dimensional heterogeneous porous media.pdf.jpg2011Probability density function of steady-state concentration in two-dimensional heterogeneous porous mediaCirpka, Olaf; Barros, Felipe de; Chiogna, Gabriele; Nowak, Wolfgang
2751548.pdf.jpgset-2010Hydrological conceptual model characterisation of an abandoned mine site in semiarid climate: the Sierra de Cartagena-La Unión (SE Spain)Robles Arenas, Virginia; Candela Lledó, Lucila
Coupling of mass transfer and reactive transport for nonlinear reactions in heterogeneous media.pdf.jpg1-jul-2010Coupling of mass transfer and reactive transport for nonlinear reactions in heterogeneous mediaWillmann, Mathias; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Sánchez Vila, Francisco Javier; Silva Rojas, Orlando Enrique; Dentz, Marco
2252918.pdf.jpg1-mar-2010La reutilización de aguas regeneradas en España: ejemplos de aplicación en el marco del proyecto CONSOLIDER-TRAGUABustamante, Irene de; Cabrera, M.C; Candela Lledó, Lucila; Lillo, Javier; Palacios, MP.
mar-2010Glyphosate transport through weathered granite soils under irrigated and non-irrigated conditions: Barcelona, SpainCandela Lledó, Lucila; Caballero, Juan; Ronen, Daniel
feb-2010State of knowledge of coastal aquifer management in South AmericaBocanegra, Emilia; Cardoso Da Silva Junior, Gerson; Custodio Gimena, Emilio; Manzano Arellano, María del Sol; Montenegro, Suzana
493.pdf.jpg2010Hidrogeoquímica e isotopía ambiental del sector noreste de la Serra de Tramuntana, isla de Mallorca (España)Cardoso Da Silva Junior, Gerson; Custodio Gimena, Emilio
492.pdf.jpg2010Estimation of aquifer recharge by means of atmospheric chloride deposition balanceCustodio Gimena, Emilio
2010State of knowledge and management of iberoamerican coastal aquifers with different geo–hydrological settingsCardoso Da Silva Junior, Gerson; Bocanegra, Emilia; Custodio Gimena, Emilio; Manzano Arellano, María del Sol; Montenegro, Suzana
2010A sensivity analysis of tide-induced head fluctuations in coastal aquifersSlooten, Luit Jan; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Castro, Eduardo; Fernández García, Daniel
29-mar-2009Filtered deterministic waves and analysis of the fractal dimension of the components of the wind velocityTijera, Manuel; Cano Marchante, Jose Leandro; Cano, Darío; Bolster, Diogo; Redondo Apraiz, José Manuel
494.pdf.jpg2009Recarga a los acuíferos extensos a partir de la deposición atmosférica de cloruros y de la temperatura del terrenoCustodio Gimena, Emilio
491.pdf.jpg2009Influencia de la gestión del acuífero sobre los humedales del manto eólico de DoñanaManzano Arellano, María del Sol; Custodio Gimena, Emilio; Higueras, H.; Puig Vidal, Rita; Soler, A.
2046048.pdf.jpg2009Multicomponent reactive transport in multicontinuum mediaDonado, Leonardo David; Sánchez Vila, Francisco Javier; Dentz, Marco; Carrera Ramírez, Jesús; Bolster, Diogo
4508133.pdf.jpg2009Treated wastewater reuse for a seawater intrusion hydraulic barrier implementation in the Llobregat delta aquifer (Barcelona, Spain): first phaseTeijón Ávila, Gloria; Tamoh, Karim; Soler Manuel, Manuel Amando; Candela Lledó, Lucila
8603486.pdf.jpg2009Utilització de les aigües subterrànies a Catalunya i recuperación d’aqüífers: aspectes bàsics, implicacions econòmiques i integracióCustodio Gimena, Emilio
2526687.pdf.jpg2009Drainage estimation to aquifer and water use irrigation efficiency in semi-arid zone for a long period of timeJiménez Martínez, Joaquín; Molinero Huguet, Jorge José; Candela Lledó, Lucila
2009La gestión de las aguas subterráneas (Primera Parte)Sahuquillo Herraiz, Andres; Custodio Gimena, Emilio; Llamas, M. Ramón
2009La gestión de las aguas subterráneas (Segunda parte)Sahuquillo Herraiz, Andres; Custodio Gimena, Emilio; Llamas, M. Ramón
jun-2008Sorption of antimony (V) onto synthetic goethite in carbonate mediumMartinez-Llado, X; Martínez Lladó, Xavier; Pablo Ribas, Joan de; Giménez Izquierdo, Francisco Javier; Ayora Ibáñez, Carlos; Martí Gregorio, Vicenç; Rovira Boixaderas, Miquel
2008El exceso de deuterio en la lluvia y en la recarga a los acuíferos en el área circum-mediterránea y en la costa mediterránea españolaJiménez Martínez, Joaquín; Custodio Gimena, Emilio
Conditional Probability Density Functions of Concentrations for Mixing Controlled Reactive Transport in Heterogeneous Aquifers.pdf.jpg2008Conditional probability density functions of concentrations for mixing-controlled reactive transport in heterogeneous aquifersSánchez Vila, Francisco Javier; Guadagnini, Alberto; Fernández García, Daniel


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