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2010New avantgarde and classical archaeologyMontaner Martorell, José M.
DITblock-5.pdf.jpg3-gen-2011New best solutions for the blocking flow shop problemCompanys Pascual, Ramón; Ribas Vila, Immaculada
Ligthart.pdf.jpg5-jul-2001New block ILU preconditioner scheme for numerical analysis of very large electromagnetic problemsHeldring, Alexander; Rius Casals, Juan Manuel; Ligthart, Leo P.
2013New CCM technique for sheet flow measurements and its first applocation in swash zone experimentsVan der Zanden, Joep; Alsina Torrent, José María; Cáceres Rabionet, Iván; Buijsrogge, R.H.; Ribberink, Jan
SP11_0065_0073.pdf.jpg2011New ceramic technology for catalysis and the reduction of emissions and particulate pollutants into the atmosphereCusidó Fàbregas, Joan Antoni; Cremades Oliver, Lázaro Vicente; González Benítez, María Margarita
1-abr-2014New challenges in chrome-free leathers: development of wet-bright processBacardit Dalmases, Anna; Armengol, J; van der Burgh, Stefan; Ollé Otero, Lluís
New chemical profiles.pdf.jpg10-jul-2010New chemical profiles for the asteroseismolofy of ZZ Ceti starsAlthaus, Leandro Gabriel; Córsico, Alejandro Hugo; Bischoff-Kim, A.; Romero, A.D.; Renedo Rouco, Isabel; García-Berro Montilla, Enrique; Miller Bertolami, Marcelo M
nov-2013New chemically reworkable epoxy coatings obtained by the addition of polyesters with star topologies to diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A resinsTomuta, Adrian Marius; Ramis Juan, Xavier; Fernández Francos, Xavier; Ferrando, Francesc; Serra Albet, Àngels
new closure.pdf.jpg2005New Closure Operators and Lattice Representations for Multivalued Dependencies and Related ExpressionsBaixeries i Juvillà, Jaume; Balcázar Navarro, José Luis
New computational experiences on the Hoist Scheduling Problem for cyclic.pdf.jpggen-2007New computational experiences on the Hoist Scheduling Problem for cyclic manufacturing of different products.Mateo Doll, Manuel; Companys Pascual, Ramón
2008New considerations about the correct design of turbo fingerprinting codesTomás Buliart, Joan; Fernández Muñoz, Marcel; Soriano Ibáñez, Miguel
Pedro.pdf.jpg2009New control strategy to allow the photovoltaic systems operation under grid faultsAzevedo, Gustavo M.S.; Rodríguez Cortés, Pedro; Cavalcanti, Marcelo C.; Vázquez Guzmán, Gerardo; Neves, F.
jul-2010New cooling sequences for old white dwarfsRenedo Rouco, Isabel; Althaus, Leandro Gabriel; Miller Bertolami, Marcelo M; Romero, A.D.; Córsico, Alejandro Hugo; Rohrmann, Rene Daniel; García-Berro Montilla, Enrique
F.Marsal- New Development in the core yarns manufacture.pdf.jpg2010New Development in the core yarns manufactureMarsal Amenós, Félix; Palet Alsina, Daniel; Riera Torres, Miquel Antoni; Serra, A.; Indrie, Liliana; Ratiu, Mariana
2010_07_02_New DSP based development platform.pdf.jpg2010New DSP based development platform for solar inverters and wind power generationMontesinos Miracle, Daniel; Pagès Giménez, Marc; Gomis Bellmunt, Oriol; Galcerán Arellano, Samuel
2010New electric-magnetic field integral equation for the scattering analysis of perfectly conducting sharp-edged objects at very low or extremely low frequenciesÚbeda Farré, Eduard; Rius Casals, Juan Manuel
2012New epoxy thermosets obtained from diglycidylether of bisphenol a and modified hyperbranched polyesters with long aliphatic chains cured by diisocyanatesFlores, Marjori; Fernández Francos, Xavier; Jiménez Piqué, Emilio; Foix, David; Serra Albet, Àngels; Ramis Juan, Xavier
2012New epoxy thermosets with improved toughness by adding hyperbranched polymer modifiersSerra, Àngels; Flores, Marjorie; Foix, David; Ramis Juan, Xavier; Ferrando, Francesc; Fernández Francos, Xavier
2012New equations and methods for solving the size effects in the comparison of 2D Finite Element AnalysisMarcé Nogué, Jordi; DeMiguel, Daniel; Fortuny Terricabras, Josep; De Esteban Trivigno, Soledad; Gil Espert, Lluís
4-nov-2008New EU regulation on the application of the articles 85 and 86 of the TreatyRodrigo de Larrucea, Jaime
Mostrant resultats 12593 a 12612 de 19535
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