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Vista preliminarDataTítolAutor(s)
PhysRevE.89.052130.pdf.jpg19-mai-2014Dynamical aspects of intermolecular proton transfer in liquid water and low-density amorphous icesTahat, Amani; Martí Rabassa, Jordi
27-ago-2012Maintenance and reengineering of software: creating a Visual C++ graphical user interface to perform specific tasks related to soil structure interaction in poroelastic soilKhwaldeh, Ali; Tahat, Amani; Martí Rabassa, Jordi; Tahat, Mohammad
10-feb-2014Pattern recognition and data mining software based on artificial neural networks applied to proton transfer in aqueous environmentsTahat, Amani; Martí Rabassa, Jordi; Khwaldeh, Ali; Tahat, Kaher
30-oct-2012Software refactoring: solving the time-dependent Schrodinger equation via fast Fourier transforms and parallel programmingKhwaldeh, Ali; Tahat, Amani; Martí Rabassa, Jordi
1206.0638.pdf.jpg26-feb-2014WM Program manualTahat, Amani; Martí Rabassa, Jordi; Tahat, Mohammed
Mostrant resultats 2 a 6 de 6
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