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1992Comparison of TiO2 powder suspensions and TiO2 ceramic membranes supported on glass as photocatalytic systems in the reduction of chromium (VI)Sabaté Reboll, José; Anderson, Marc; Aguado, Miguel Ángel; Giménez, Jaime; Cervera March, Salvador; Hill, Charles
1992Nature and properties of pure and Nb-Doped TiO2 ceramic membranes affecting the photocatalytic degradation of 3-Chlorosalicylic acid as a model of halogenated organic compoundsSabaté Reboll, José; Anderson, Marc; Kikkawa, H.; Xu, Qunyin; Cervera March, Salvador; Hill, Charles
1990Photocatalytic production of hydrogen from sulfide and sulfite waste streams: a kinetic model for reactions occurring in illuminated suspensions of CdSSabaté Reboll, José; Cervera March, Salvador; Simarro, Rubén; Giménez, Jaime
1990Radiation-Induced corrosion of Wet CdS powders monitored by transmission electron microscopySabaté Reboll, José; Aguado, Miguel Ángel; Escudero, Juan Carlos; Giménez, Jaime; Simarro, Rubén; Cervera March, Salvador
Mostrant resultats 2 a 5 de 5
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