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26-mar-2013Analysis of energy efficient distributed neighbour discovery mechanisms for machine-to-machine networksVazquez, Francisco; Alonso-Zarate, J.; Alonso Zárate, Luis Gonzaga; Dohler, Mischa
2012Analysis of the hidden and exposed terminal effects in wireless networks with cooperative ARQAlonso-Zarate, J.; Alonso Zárate, Luis Gonzaga; Kormentzas, Georgios; Verikoukis, Christos
InTech-Hybrid_access_techniques_for_densely_populated_wireless_local_area_networks.pdf.jpgmar-2011Hybrid access techniques for densely populated wireless local area networksAlonso-Zarate, J.; Crespo, Cristian; Verikoukis, Christos; Alonso Zárate, Luis Gonzaga
Throughput Analysis of a Cooperative ARQ Scheme.pdf.jpg2012Throughput analysis of a cooperative ARQ scheme in the presence of hidden and exposed terminalsAlonso-Zarate, J.; Alonso Zárate, Luis Gonzaga; Kormentzas, Georgios; Tafazolli, Rahim; Verikoukis, C.
Mostrant resultats 1 a 4 de 4


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