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15-mar-2013Fractionation and removal of dissolved organic carbon in a full-scale granular activated carbon filter used for drinking water productionGibert Agulló, Oriol; Lefèvre, B.; Fernández, Marc; Bernat Camí, Xavier; Paraira, Miquel; Pons, Marc
ago-2010In situ removal of arsenic from groundwater by using permeable reactive barriers of organic matter/limestone/zero-valent iron mixturesGibert Agulló, Oriol; Pablo Ribas, Joan de; Cortina Pallás, José Luís; Ayora Ibáñez, Carlos
nov-2013Performance of a field-scale permeable reactive barrier based on organic substrate and zero-valent iron for in situ remediation of acid mine drainageGibert Agulló, Oriol; Cortina Pallás, José Luís; De Pablo, Joan; Ayora Ibáñez, Carlos
performance.pdf.jpg2007Performance of a sequential permeable reactive barrier for bioremediation of coal tar contaminated groundwaterGibert Agulló, Oriol; Ferguson, Andrew S.; Kalin, Robert M.; Doherty, Rory; Dickson, Keith W.; McGeough, Karen L.; Robinson, Jamie; Thomas, Russell
18-des-2013Rejection of trace ionic solutes in nanofiltration: Influence of aqueous phase compositionPagès Hernando, Neus; Yaroshchuk, Andriy; Gibert Agulló, Oriol; Cortina Pallás, José Luís
des-2013Salinity gradient solar pond: Validation and simulation modelBernad, Francesc; Casas Garriga, Sandra; Gibert Agulló, Oriol; Akbarzadeh, Aliakbar; Cortina Pallás, José Luís; Valderrama Angel, César Alberto
2008Selection of organic substrates as potential reactive materials for use in a denitrification permeable reactive barrier (PRB)Gibert Agulló, Oriol; Pomierny, Sylwia; Rowe, Ivan; Kalin, Robert M.
1-jun-2014Valorisation of Ca and Mg by-products from mining and seawater desalination brines for water treatment applicationsCasas Garriga, Sandra; Aladjem, Carlos; Larrotcha, Enric; Gibert Agulló, Oriol; Valderrama Angel, César Alberto; Cortina Pallás, José Luís
Mostrant resultats 6 a 13 de 13
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