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Aided_Teleoperation_Framework_for_Robotized_Tasks.pdf.jpg2011A framework for robotized teleoperated tasksBasañez Villaluenga, Luis; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Nuño Ortega, Emmanuel; Portilla Rodríguez, Henry
IOC-DT-P-2007-06.pdf.jpgmar-2007A novel path planning proposal based on the combination of deterministic sampling and harmonic functionsRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Vázquez Hurtado, Carlos; Pérez, Alexander; Iñíguez Galbete, Pedro
IOC-DT-P-2007-01.pdf.jpggen-2007A performance analysis tool of discrete-events systemsCasado Pastor, Francesc; Peñarroya Isanta, Albert; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
oct-2013A three-stage method for the 3D reconstruction of the tracheobronchial tree from CT scansRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Cabras, Paolo
ROSELL 1 techReport-TR.pdf.jpgset-2004An adaptative deterministic sequence for sampling-based motion plannersRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Iñíguez Galbete, Pedro
2011An assisted re-synchronization method for robotic teleoperated tasksPérez Ruiz, Alexander; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
isam09PenalbaRosellSuarez.pdf.jpg2009Analysis of fixturing quality for a variable number of fixturing points and friction valuesPenalba, Francesc; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl
jul-2011Autonomous motion planning of a hand-arm robotic system based on captured human-like hand posturesRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl; Rosales Gallegos, Carlos; Pérez, Alexander
CspaceDecomposition.pdf.jpg2007C-space decomposition using deterministic sampling and distancesRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Vázquez Hurtado, Carlos; Pérez, Alexander
PID3271267.pdf.jpg2014cRRT*: Planning loosely-coupled motions for multiple mobile robotsRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl
IOC-DT-P-2007-03.pdf.jpgfeb-2007Determination of seven frictionless fixturing points searching the object surface with a homogeneous deterministic distributionSuárez Feijóo, Raúl; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
IOC-DT-P-2008-13.pdf.jpgoct-2008Efficient motion planning for high DOF hands using principal motion directionsRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl; Rosales Gallegos, Carlos; García, J.A.; Pérez Ruiz, Alexander
iros09.pdf.jpg11-oct-2009Efficient search of obstacle-free paths for anthropomorphic handsSuárez Feijóo, Raúl; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Pérez Ruiz, Alexander; Rosales Gallegos, Carlos
IOC-DT-P-2008-05.pdf.jpgabr-2008Exploration of the grasp space using independent contact and non-graspable regionsRoa Garzón, Máximo; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
ROSELL 3 techReport-icra05d.pdf.jpgoct-2004Finding grasping configurations of a dexterous hand and an industrial robotRosell Gratacòs, Jan; Sierra, Xavier; Palomo Avellaneda, Leopold; Suárez Feijóo, Raúl
IEEE_From_Graphical_ Task_Specification.pdf.jpgset-2005From Graphical Task Specification to Automatic Programming of Robotic Polishhing SystemsBasañez Villaluenga, Luis; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
2013Haptic aids for bilateral teleoperatorsPérez Ruiz, Alexander; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
HapticGuidance.pdf.jpg2007Haptic guidance based on harmonic functions for the execution of teleoperated assembly tasksVázquez Hurtado, Carlos; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
2012Haptic guidance using primitives for the execution of virtual robotic tasksVázquez Hurtado, Carlos; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan
2010Haptic Primitives Guidance Based on the Kautham Path PlannerVázquez Hurtado, Carlos; Rosell Gratacòs, Jan; Chirinos, Luis; Domínguez, Omar
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