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Poster_mediterranea_model matematic8.pdf.jpg2014Mathematical modeling to optimize control strategies in an industrial biotrickling filter for biogas sweeteningCanal, C.; Prades Martell, Lledó; Gamisans Noguera, Javier; Dorado Castaño, Antonio David
poster biolixiviacio - final(corregit).pdf.jpg2014Microrespirometry as an effective technique for monitoring biomass growth and activity in chalcopyrite bioleaching processesBenzal Montes, Eva; Morral Moltó, Eloi; Guimerà Villalba, Xavier; Gamisans Noguera, Javier; Solé Sardans, Maria Montserrat; Dorado Castaño, Antonio David
jul-2008Modeling of a bacterial and fungal biofilter applied to toluene abatement: Kinetic parameters estimation and model validationDorado Castaño, Antonio David; Baquerizo, G; Maestre, J P; Gamisans Noguera, Javier; Gabriel Buguña, David; Lafuente, J
Arellano et al. 2015-1.pdf.jpggen-2015Modeling the effects of biomass accumulation on the performance of a biotrickling filter packed with PUF support for the alkaline biotreatment of dimethyl disulfide vapors in airArellano-Garcia, Luis; Dorado Castaño, Antonio David; Morales Guadarrama, Axayacatl; Sacristan, Emilio; Gamisans Noguera, Javier; Revah, Sergio
1-nov-2011Operational aspects of the desulfurization process of energy gases mimics in biotrickling filtersFortuny, Marc; Gamisans Noguera, Javier; Deshusses, Marc A.; Lafuente Sancho, Francisco Javier; Casas, Carles; Gabriel, David
Rodriguez et al.pdf.jpg2013Optimization of oxygen transfer through membrane diffusers for biological sweetening of biogasRodriguez, Ginesta; Dorado Castaño, Antonio David; Bonsfills Pedrós, Anna; Gabriel Buguña, David; Gamisans Noguera, Javier
1-feb-2012Optimization of oxygen transfer through venturi-based systems applied to the biological sweetening of biogasRodriguez, Ginesta; Dorado Castaño, Antonio David; Bonsfills Pedrós, Anna; Sanahuja Moliner, Ricard; Gabriel, David; Gamisans Noguera, Javier
2010Predicting clogging in biofilters through a straightforward and comprehensive mathematical modelDorado Castaño, Antonio David; Lafuente Sancho, Francisco Javier; Gabriel, David; Gamisans Noguera, Javier
set-2008Sorption kinetics of polycyclic aromatic hidrocarbons removal using granular activated carbon: intraparticle difussion coefficientsValderrama Angel, César Alberto; Gamisans Noguera, Javier; Heras Cisa, F. Xavier de las; Farran Marsà, Adriana; Cortina Pallás, José Luís
AlsinaHerasLaoGamisans.pdf.jpg2012The challenge of plurilingual competence: analysis and teaching tools from the chemical engineeringAlsina Aubach, Montserrat; Heras Cisa, F. Xavier de las; Lao Luque, Concepción; Gamisans Noguera, Javier
2011Utilisation of activated carbon in biofilters for elimination of industrial waste gasesGabriel, David; Prado, Óscar Jesús; Lafuente Sancho, Francisco Javier; Gamisans Noguera, Javier; Maestre, Juan P.; Hernández, Jerónimo; Dorado Castaño, Antonio David
Mostrant resultats 22 a 32 de 32
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