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Vista preliminarDataTítolAutor(s)
4-mai-2015Real-time monitoring of thermal processes by reduced order modelingAguado, José Vicente; Huerta, Antonio; Chinesta, Francisco; Cueto Prendes, Elias
diez_recovering_2003.pdf.jpgmar-2003Recovering lower bounds of the error by postprocessing implicit residual a posteriori error estimatesDíez, Pedro; Parés Mariné, Núria; Huerta, Antonio
V4_NAFEMS2014_UPC_Huerta.pdf.jpg2014REDUCED ORDER MODELS: how generalized solutions expedite simulation-based industrial computations to modify the geometry, materials, boundary conditions…Huerta, Antonio
stability_anchored_sheet.pdf.jpg3-jun-2013Stability of anchored sheet wall in cohesive-frictional soils by FE limit analysisMuñoz Romero, José; Lyamin, Andrei; Huerta, Antonio
legrain_stability_2008.pdf.jpgabr-2008Stability of incompressible formulations enriched with X-FEMLegrain, G; Moes, N; Huerta, Antonio
vidal_stabilized_2007.pdf.jpgmar-2007Stabilized updated Lagrangian corrected SPH for explicit dynamic problemsVidal Seguí, Yolanda; Bonet, J; Huerta, Antonio
cottereau_strict_2009.pdf.jpgset-2009Strict error bounds for linear solid mechanics problems using a subdomain-based flux-free methodCottereau, R; Díez, Pedro; Huerta, Antonio
nuria_subdomain_2006.pdf.jpggen-2006Subdomain-based flux-free a posteriori error estimatorsParés Mariné, Núria; Díez, Pedro; Huerta, Antonio
supg-basedstabilizationa.pdf.jpgabr-2010SUPG-based stabilization using a separated representations approachGonzález, D.; Debeugny, L.; Cueto, E.; Chinesta, F.; Díez, Pedro; Huerta, Antonio
n.pares_computation_2006.pdf.jpggen-2006The computation of bounds for linear-functional outputs of weak solutions to the two-dimensional elasticity equationsParés Mariné, Núria; Bonet, J; Huerta, Antonio; Peraire Guitart, Jaume
j.bonet_the-efficient_2002.pdf.jpgset-2002The efficient computation of bounds for functionals of finite element solutions in large strain elasticityBonet, J; Huerta, Antonio; Peraire Guitart, Jaume
huerta_time_2003.pdf.jpggen-2003Time accurate consistently stabilized mesh-free methods for convection dominated problemsHuerta, Antonio; Fernandez Mendez, Sonia
2002-CNME-HRD.pdf.jpgago-2002Time-accurate solution of stabilized convection-diffusion-reaction equations: II - accuracy analysis and examplesHuerta, Antonio; Roig, B; Donea, J
antonio_time_2002.pdf.jpgago-2002Time-accurate solution of stabilized convection-difusion-reaction equations: I - time and space discretizationHuerta, Antonio; Donea, J
1997-IJNME-RPH-blanc.pdf.jpgset-1997Two stress update algorithms for large strains: accuracy analysis and numerical implementationRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Pegon, P; Huerta, Antonio
huerta_updated_2006.pdf.jpgdes-2006Updated Lagrangian formulation for corrected smooth particle hydrodynamicsHuerta, Antonio; Vidal Seguí, Yolanda; Bonet Carbonell, Javier
muñoz_upper_2009.pdf.jpgago-2008Upper and lower bounds in limit analysis: adaptive meshing strategies and discontinuous loadingMuñoz Romero, José; Bonet Carbonell, Javier; Huerta, Antonio; Peraire Guitart, Jaume
~6931833.pdf.jpg1988Viscous Flow Structure InteractionHuerta, Antonio; Liu, W. K.
antonio_viscous_1988.pdf.jpgago-1988Viscous flow with large free surface motionHuerta, Antonio; Liu, W. K.
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