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1-feb-2014Symmetry-preserving discretization of Navier-Stokes equations on collocated unstructured meshesTrias Miquel, Francesc Xavier; Lehmkuhl Barba, Oriol; Oliva Llena, Asensio; Pérez Segarra, Carlos David; Verstappen, R.W.C.P.
2011Transient response in small capacity vapour compression systems. Experimental data and numerical approachAblanque Mejía, Nicolás; Rigola Serrano, Joaquim; Oliet Casasayas, Carles; Pérez Segarra, Carlos David
2009Turbulence modelling and numerical issues: from RANS to DNS and LESPérez Segarra, Carlos David; Lehmkuhl Barba, Oriol; Jaramillo Ibarra, Julian Ernesto; Colomer Rey, Guillem; Oliva Llena, Asensio
2011Turbulent natural convection in a differentially heated cavity of aspect ratio 5 filled with non-participating and participating grey mediaCapdevila Paramio, Roser; Lehmkuhl Barba, Oriol; Trias Miquel, Francesc Xavier; Pérez Segarra, Carlos David; Colomer Rey, Guillem
2009Turbulent radial outflow between coaxial parallel disksRigola Serrano, Joaquim; Lehmkuhl Barba, Oriol; Pérez Segarra, Carlos David; Colomer Rey, Guillem
2012Use of a Low-Mach model on a CFD&HT solver for the elements of an object oriented program to numerically simulate hermetic refrigeration compressorsLópez Mas, Joan; Lehmkuhl Barba, Oriol; Rigola Serrano, Joaquim; Pérez Segarra, Carlos David
Mostrant resultats 46 a 51 de 51
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