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11-gen-2014Rapid functionalisation of cellulose-based materials using a mixture containing laccase activated lauryl gallate and sulfonated ligninCusola Aumedes, Oriol; Valls Vidal, Cristina; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca
2014Removal of lignin and hexenuronic acids from sisal fibers with novel xylanases belonging to different GH familiesValenzuela, Susana V.; Valls Vidal, Cristina; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Diaz, Pilar; Pastor Blasco, Francisco Ignacio Javier
feb-2011Reutilization of effluents from laccase-mediator treatments of kraft pulp for biobleachingMoldes, Diego; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa
15-mai-2014Structural insights on laccase biografting of ferulic acid onto lignocellulosic fibersRencoret, Jorge; Aracri, Elisabetta; Gutíerrez, Ana; Del Rio, Jose C.; Torres López, Antonio Luis; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Martínez, Ángel T.
2011Study of the effects on bast and core flax fibres of laccase + mediator/phenol treatmentsFillat Latorre, Amanda; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa
5-nov-2014Studying the effects of laccase treatment in a softwood dissolving pulp: cellulose reactivity and crystallinityQuintana, Elisabet; Valls Vidal, Cristina; Garcia Barneto, Agustín; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Ariza, J.; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca
mar-2010The role of xylanases and laccases on hexenuronic acid and lignin removalValls Vidal, Cristina; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca
4-gen-2013Use of cyclic voltammetry as an effective tool for selecting effcient enhancers for oxidative bioprocesses: importance of pHAracri, Elisabetta; Tzanov, Tzanko; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa
2010Using biotechnology for paper functionalisation: flax fibers with antimicrobial propertiesFillat Latorre, Amanda; Gallardo Román, Óscar; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Pastor Blasco, Francisco I. Javier; Díaz, Pilar; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca
2014Using glycosidases to modify TCF bleached specialty sisal fibersBeltramino Heffes, Facundo; Valls Vidal, Cristina; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca
1-feb-2011Wet strength development in sisal cellulose fibers by effect of a laccase-Tempo treatmentAracri, Elisabetta; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Ragauskas, A.J.
2014Xylanase treatment of eucalyptus pulps in different chemical bleaching stagesAriza, María; Barneto, A. G.; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Ariza, J.
2011Xylanase- and laccase-aided hexenuronic acids and lignin removal from specialty sisal fibresAracri, Elisabetta; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa
Mostrant resultats 44 a 56 de 56
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