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20113D modelling of leaves from color and ToF data for robotized plant measuringAlenyà Ribas, Guillem; Dellen, Babette; Torras, Carme
20093D object reconstruction from Swissranger sensor data using a spring-mass modelDellen, Babette; Alenyà Ribas, Guillem; Foix Salmerón, Sergi; Torras, Carme
dellen.pdf.jpg20103d semantic representation of actions from effcient stereo-image-sequence segmentation on GPUsAlexey, Abramov; Aksoy, Eren Erdal; Dörr, Johannes; Wörgötter, Florentin; Pauwels, Karl; Dellen, Babette
1173-A-local-algorithm-for-the-computation-of-image-velocity-via-constructive-interference-of-global-Fourier-components.pdf.jpg2011A local algorithm for the computation of image velocity via constructive interference of global Fourier componentsDellen, Babette; Wörgötter, Florentin
1383-A-novel-real-time-edge-preserving-smoothing-filter.pdf.jpg2013A novel real-time edge-preserving smoothing filterReich, Simon; Abramov, Alexey; Papon, Jeremie; Worgotter, Florentin; Dellen, Babette
2010Categorizing object-actions relations from semantic scene graphsAksoy, Eren Erdal; Abramov, Alexey; Wörgötter, Florentin; Dellen, Babette
2011Channel coding for joint colour and depth segmentationWallenberg, Markus; Felsberg, Michael; Forssen, Per-Erik; Dellen, Babette
1056-Contextual-interactions-in-a-generalized-energy-model-of-complex-cells.pdf.jpg2009Contextual interactions in a generalized energy model of complex cellsDellen, Babette; Clark, John W.; Wessel, Ralf
2011Depth-supported real-time video segmentation with the KinectAbramov, Alexey; Pauwels, Karl; Papon, Jeremie; Wörgötter, Florentin; Dellen, Babette
1.pdf.jpg2009Disparity from stereo-segment silhouettes of weakly-textured imagesDellen, Babette; Wörgötter, Florentin
1258-Execution-of-a-Dual-Object-(Pushing)-Action-with-Semantic-Event-Chains.pdf.jpg2011Execution of a dual-object (pushing) action with semantic event chainsAksoy, Eren Erdal; Dellen, Babette; Tamosiunaite, Minija; Wörgötter, Florentin
1372--Joint-Segmentation-and-Tracking-of-Object-Surfaces-in-Depth-Movies-along-Human-Robot-Manipulations.pdf.jpg2013Joint segmentation and tracking of object surfaces in depth movies along human/robot manipulationsDellen, Babette; Husain, Syed Farzad; Torras, Carme
1244-Learning-the-semantics-of-object-action-relations-by-observation.pdf.jpg28-oct-2011Learning the semantics of object-action relations by observationAksoy, Eren Erdal; Abramov, Alexey; Dörr, Johannes; Ning, Kejun; Dellen, Babette; Wörgötter, Florentin
1433-Local-stimulus-disambiguation-with-global-motion-filters-predicts-adaptive-surround-modulation.pdf.jpg2013Local stimulus disambiguation with global motion filters predicts adaptive surround modulationDellen, Babette; Torras, Carme
1050-Motion-processing-with-wide-field-neurons-in-the-retino-tecto-rotundal-pathway.pdf.jpgfeb-2010Motion processing with wide-field neurons in the retino-tecto-rotundal pathwayDellen, Babette; Wessel, Ralf; Clark, John W.; Wörgötter, Florentin
1104-Real-time-image-segmentation-on-a-GPU.pdf.jpg2010Real-time image segmentation on a GPUAlexey, Abramov; Kulvicius, Tomas; Wörgötter, Florentin; Dellen, Babette
1311-Real-time-segmentation-of-stereo-videos-on-a-portable-system-with-a-mobile-GPU-1.pdf.jpg2012Real-time segmentation of stereo videos on a portable system with a mobile GPUAbramov, Alexey; Pauwels, Karl; Papon, Jeremie; Wörgötter, Florentin; Dellen, Babette
1384-Robotic-Leaf-Probing-Via-Segmentation-of-Range-Data-Into-Surface-Patches-1.pdf.jpg2012Robotic leaf probing via segmentation of range data into surface patchesAlenyà Ribas, Guillem; Dellen, Babette; Foix Salmerón, Sergi; Torras, Carme
1446-Robotized-Plant-Probing_-Leaf-Segmentation-Utilizing-Time-of-Flight-Data-.pdf.jpg2013Robotized plant probing: leaf segmentation utilizing time-of-flight dataAlenyà Ribas, Guillem; Dellen, Babette; Foix Salmerón, Sergi; Torras, Carme
1048-Segment-tracking-via-a-spatiotemporal-linking-process-including-feedback-stabilization-in-an-n-d-lattice-model-1.pdf.jpg2009Segment tracking via a spatiotemporal linking process including feedback stabilization in an n-D lattice modelDellen, Babette; Aksoy, Eren Erdal; Wörgötter, Florentin
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