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arias_a-model_2004.pdf.jpggen-2004A model for the ultrasonic detection of surface-breaking cracks by the scanning laser source techniqueArias Vicente, Irene; Achenbach, J. D.
2011A phase-field fracture model of ferroelectric materials under electro-mechanical loadingAbdollahi Hosnijeh, Amir; Arias Vicente, Irene
i.arias_phenomenological_2006.pdf.jpgfeb-2006A phenomenological cohesive model of ferroelectric fatigueArias Vicente, Irene; Serebrinsky, S; Ortiz, Michael
nov-2013Conducting crack propagation driven by electric fields in ferroelectric ceramicsAbdollahi Hosnijeh, Amir; Arias Vicente, Irene
chalivendra_experimental_2009.pdf.jpgjul-2009Experimental validation of large-scale simulations of dynamic fracture along weak planesChalivendra, V. B.; Hong, Soonsung; Arias Vicente, Irene; Knap, Jaroslaw; Rosakis, Ares; Ortiz, Michael
Modeling and simulation.pdf.jpg2013Modeling and simulation of conducting crack propagation in ferroelectric single crystals under purely electrical loadingAbdollahi Hosnijeh, Amir; Arias Vicente, Irene
arias_numerical_2007.pdf.jpgago-2007Numerical modelling and experimental validation of dynamic fracture events along weak planesArias Vicente, Irene; Knap, Jaroslaw; Chalivendra, V. B.; Hong, Soonsung; Ortiz, Michael; Rosakis, Ares
2011Numerical simulation of intergranular and transgranular crack propagation in ferroelectric polycrystalsAbdollahi Hosnijeh, Amir; Arias Vicente, Irene
jul-2011Phase-field modeling of the coupled microstructure and fracture evolution in ferroelectric single crystalsAbdollahi Hosnijeh, Amir; Arias Vicente, Irene
arias_rayleigh_2004.pdf.jpgago-2004Rayleigh wave correction for the BEM analysis of two-dimensional elastodynamic problems in a half-spaceArias Vicente, Irene; Achenbach, J. D.
arroyo_rippling_2008.pdf.jpgabr-2008Rippling and a phase-transforming mesoscopic model for multiwalled carbon nanotubesArroyo Balaguer, Marino; Arias Vicente, Irene
arias_size_2008.pdf.jpgfeb-2008Size dependent nonlinear elastic scaling of multiwalled carbon nanotubesArias Vicente, Irene; Arroyo Balaguer, Marino
arias_thermoelastic_2003.pdf.jpgdes-2003Thermoelastic generation of ultrasound by line-focused laser irradiationArias Vicente, Irene; Achenbach, J. D.
15-feb-2014Three-dimensional simulation of crack propagation in ferroelectric polycrystals: Effect of combined toughening mechanismsAbdollahi Hosnijeh, Amir; Arias Vicente, Irene
arias_use_2004.pdf.jpgabr-2004Use of reciprocity considerations for the two-dimensional BEM analysis of wave propagation in an elastic half-space with applications to acoustic emissionArias Vicente, Irene; Achenbach, J. D.
Mostrant resultats 1 a 15 de 15


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