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7.A bound for the maximum weight of a linear code.pdf.jpg21-mar-2013A bound for the maximum weight of a linear codeBall, Simeon Michael; Blokhuis, Aart
2001Commutative semifields of rank 2 over their middle nucleusBall, Simeon Michael; Lavrauw, Michel
fieldfunctions.pdf.jpgnov-2007On the graph of a function over a prime field whose small powers have bounded degreeBall, Simeon Michael; Gács, Andras
8.On the representability of the biuniform matroid.pdf.jpg22-ago-2013On the representability of the biuniform matroidBall, Simeon Michael; Padró Laimon, Carles; Weiner, Zsuzsa; Xing, Chaoping
bcc.pdf.jpg1999Polynomials in finite geometriesBall, Simeon Michael
braunsweig.pdf.jpg1-nov-1999Polynomials in finite geometryBall, Simeon Michael; Blokhuis, Aart
puncturednullstellensatz.pdf.jpgnov-2007Punctured combinatorial NullstellensätzeBall, Simeon Michael; Serra Albó, Oriol
2004Symplectic spreads and permutation polynomialsBall, Simeon Michael; Zieve, Michael
2012The polynomial method in Galois geometriesBall, Simeon Michael
Mostrant resultats 1 a 9 de 9


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