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mar-2011A simulation strategy for the atomistic modeling of flexible molecules covalently tethered to rigid surfaces: application to peptidesCurcó, David; Zanuy Gomara, David; Nussinov, Ruth; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
atomistic_organization.pdf.jpg2013Atomistic organization and characterization of tube-like assemblies comprising peptide-polymer conjugates: computer simulation studiesBertran Cànovas, Òscar; Curcó Cantarell, David; Zanuy Gomara, David; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
15-mar-2011Binding of a C-end rule peptide to the neuropilin-1 receptor: a molecular modeling approachHaspel, Nurit; Zanuy Gomara, David; Nussinov, Ruth; Teesalu, Tambet; Ruoslahti, Erkki; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
gen-2010Electronic characterization of all-thiophene conducting dendrimers: molecules and assembliesRodríguez Ropero, Francisco; Zanuy Gomara, David; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
gen-2013Engineering strategy to improve peptide analogs: from structure-based computational design to tumor homingZanuy Gomara, David; Sayago García, Francisco Javier; Revilla López, Guillermo; Ballano Ballano, María Gema; Agemy, Lilach; Kotamraju, Venkata Ramana; Jimenez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Nussinov, Ruth; Sawvel, April M.; Ruoslahti, Erkki; Stucky, Galen; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
17-mai-2010Influence of the doping level on the interactions between poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and plasmid DNAZanuy Gomara, David; Valle Mendoza, Luis Javier del; Estrany Coda, Francesc; Armelín Diggroc, Elaine Aparecida; Alemán Llansó, Carlos; Teixeira-Dias, Bruno José Da Cruz
24-feb-2013Journal of Structural BiologyZanuy Gomara, David; Kotla, Rohith; Nussinov, Ruth; Teesalu, Tambet; Sugahara, Kazuki N.; Alemán Llansó, Carlos; Haspel, Nurit
21-jul-2011Modeling the tetraphenylalanine-PEG hybrid amphiphile: from DFT calculations on the peptide to molecular dynamics simulations on the conjugateZanuy Gomara, David; Hamley, I. W.; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
ncad.pdf.jpg10-mai-2010NCAD, a database integrating the intrinsic conformational preferences of non-coded amino acidsAlemán Llansó, Carlos; Grodzinski, Piotr; Nussinov, Ruth; Revilla López, Guillermo; Torras Costa, Juan; Curcó, David; Casanovas, Jordi; Calaza, Maria Isabel; Zanuy Gomara, David; Jimenez Sanz, Ana Isabel; Cativiela, Carlos
jun-2010Parameterization of the torsional potential for calix[4]arene-substituted poly(thiophene)sPreat, Julien; Rodríguez Ropero, Francisco; Torras Costa, Juan; Bertran Cànovas, Òscar; Zanuy Gomara, David; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
document(1).pdf.jpg28-des-2013Resolving the subnanometric structure of ultrathin films of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) on steel surfaces: A molecular modeling approachZanuy Gomara, David; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
response.pdf.jpg19-abr-2012Response of crown ether functionalized polythiophenes to alkaline ionsZanuy Gomara, David; Preat, Julien; Perpete, Eric A.; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
19-ago-2010Self-Assembly of a Designed Amyloid Peptide Containing the Functional Thienylalanine UnitZanuy Gomara, David; Revilla López, Guillermo; Hamley, I. W.; Brown, Gordon D.A.; Castelletto, V.; Cheng, G.; Venanzi, M.; Caruso, M.; Placidi, E.; Alemán Llansó, Carlos
mai-2013Sequence dependence of C-end rule peptides in binding and activation of > neuropilin-1 receptorZanuy Gomara, David; Kotla, Rohith; Nussinov, Ruth; Teesalu, Tambet; Sugahara, Kazuki N.; Alemán Llansó, Carlos; Haspel, Nurit
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