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PhysRevD.87.104037.pdf.jpgmai-2013Bouncing loop quantum cosmology from F(T) gravityAmorós Torrent, Jaume; Haro Cases, Jaume; Odintsov, Sergei D.
set-2013Brane cosmology from observational surveys and its comparison with standard FRW cosmologyAstashenok, Artyom V.; Elizalde, Emilio; Haro Cases, Jaume; Odintsov, Sergei D.; Yurov, Artyom V.
nov-2010Calculation of the renormalized two-point function by adiabatic regularizationHaro Cases, Jaume
abr-2012Can quantum effects due to a massless conformally coupled field avoid gravitational singularities?Haro Cases, Jaume
feb-2012Gravitational Particle Production in Massive Chaotic Inflation and the Moduli ProblemHaro Cases, Jaume; Elizalde, Emilio
PhysRevLett.110.071104.pdf.jpg14-feb-2013Nonsingular models of universes in teleparallel theoriesHaro Cases, Jaume; Amorós Torrent, Jaume
19-jun-2012Sudden singularities in semiclassical gravityHaro Cases, Jaume; Amorós Torrent, Jaume; Elizalde, Emilio
0001haro.pdf.jpg2000The Lein-Gordon's field: a counter-example of the classical limitHaro Cases, Jaume
0301haro.pdf.jpg2003The Schwinger formula revisited II (a mathematical treatment).Haro Cases, Jaume
030401haro.pdf.jpg2003The semiclassical theory of quantized fields in classical electromagnetic backgroundsHaro Cases, Jaume
Mostrant resultats 1 a 10 de 10


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