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askes_a-combined_2001.pdf.jpgset-2001A combined rh-adaptive scheme based on domain subdivision. Formulation and linear examplesAskes, Harm; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
fullpaper_873.pdf.jpg2008A continuous-discontinous model for softening and cracking based on non-local displacementsTamayo Mas, Elena; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
2013A finite element strategy coupling a gradient-enhanced damage model and cohesive cracks for quasi-brittle materialsTamayo Mas, Elena; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
IJSS_ARF_TB_HA_ETM_2011.pdf.jpg1-mai-2011A general framework for softening regularisation based on gradient elasticityRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Bennet, Terry; Askes, Harm; Tamayo Mas, Elena
3123_002861_2012-07-12_P13.pdf.jpg2012A geometric bridge between regularised damage and energetically equivalent cracksTamayo Mas, Elena; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
multiplicativeschwarz.pdf.jpg4-feb-2009A multiplicative Schwarz method with active subdomains for transient convection-diffusion problemsSandoval Solis, M. Luisa; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
rodriguez-ferran_a-new_2005.pdf.jpgabr-2005A new damage model based on non-local displacementsRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Morata, I; Huerta, Antonio
vila_a-note_1997.pdf.jpgmar-1997A note on a numerical benchmark test: an axisymmetric shell under ring loadsVila Rius, Agnès; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Huerta, Antonio
128.pdf.jpg2012A numerical technique for obtaining SEA coupling loss factors in double wallsDíaz Cereceda, Cristina; Poblet-Puig, Jordi; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
rodriguez_accuracy_1999.pdf.jpgjun-1999Accuracy of two stress update algorithms for shear-free large deformations pathsRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Huerta, Antonio
rodriguez_adapting_1999.pdf.jpgset-1999Adapting Broyden method to handle linear constraints imposed via Lagrange multipliersRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Huerta, Antonio
mai-2001Adaptive analysis based on error estimation for nonlocal damage modelsRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Arbós, I; Huerta, Antonio
askes_adaptive_1998.pdf.jpgfeb-1999Adaptive analysis of yield line patterns in plates with the Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian methodAskes, Harm; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Huerta, Antonio
huerta_adaptive_1999.pdf.jpgset-1999Adaptive finite element strategies based on error assessmentHuerta, Antonio; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Díez, Pedro; Sarrate Ramos, Josep
rodriguez_ale_1998.pdf.jpgset-1998ALE stress update for transient and quasistatic processesRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Casadei, F.; Huerta, Antonio
DiazCereceda_CMN2013.pdf.jpg2013An energy model for the acoustic insulation of absorbing materialsDíaz Cereceda, Cristina; Poblet-Puig, Jordi; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
127.pdf.jpg2012An SEA-like model for double walls filled with absorbing materialsDíaz Cereceda, Cristina; Poblet-Puig, Jordi; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
tecrep_ma010.pdf.jpgjul-1998Applications of numerical differentiation to computational plasticityPérez Foguet, Agustí; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Huerta, Antonio
rodriguez_arbitrary_2002.pdf.jpgfeb-2002Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) formulation for hyperelastoplasticityRodríguez Ferran, Antonio; Pérez Foguet, Agustí; Huerta, Antonio
oct-2004Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian methodsDonea, J; Huerta, Antonio; Ponthot, J -Ph; Rodríguez Ferran, Antonio
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