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2009A general analytical solution to the geometrical problem of field matching in radiotherapyHernández, V.; Arenas, M.; Pons, F.; Sempau Roma, Josep
feb-2013A method for accurate zero calibration of asymmetric jaws in single-isocenter half-beam techniquesHernandez Espinosa, Victor; Sempau Roma, Josep; Abella, R.; Romero Lopez, Matilde; Lopez Perez, Marcedes; Artigues, Manel; Arenas, M.
set-2005Absolute quantification in dopaminergic neurotransmission SPET imaging using a Monte Carlo-based scatter correction and fully 3D reconstructionRos, D; Pavía, J; Cot Sanz, Alberto; Falcón, C; Crespo, C; Sempau Roma, Josep; Pareto, D; Bullich, S; Lomeña, F; Calviño Tavares, Francisco
ago-2009Comparison between PENELOPE and electron Monte Carlo simulations of electron fields used in the treatment of conjunctival lymphomaBrualla Barbera, Lorenzo; Palanco Zamora, R.; Witting, A.; Sempau Roma, Josep; Sauerwein, W.
badano2009IEEETransMedImag28p696_CTbreast.pdf.jpg2009Effect of oblique X-ray incidence in flat-panel computed tomography of the BreastBadano, Aldo; Kyprianou, Iacovos S.; Freed, Melanie; Jennings, Robert J.; Sempau Roma, Josep
feb-2006Modeling of high-energy contamination in SPECT Imaging using Monte Carlo SimulationCot Sanz, Alberto; Jané, E; Sempau Roma, Josep; Falcón, C; Bullich, S; Pavía, J; Calviño Tavares, Francisco
2004Modelling of high-energy contamination in SPECT imaging using Monte Carlo simulationCot Sanz, Alberto; Jané, E; Sempau Roma, Josep; Falcón, C; Bullich, S; Pavía, J; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Ros, D
martinezRovira2010PhysMedBiol55p4375_MCdosimMRT.pdf.jpg2010Monte Carlo dosimetry for forthcoming clinical trials in x-ray microbeam radiation therapyMartínez-Rovira, Imma; Sempau Roma, Josep; Fernández-Varea, Jose Maria; Bravin, A.; Prezado, Y.
feb-2014Monte Carlo-based dose calculation engine for minibeam radiation therapyMartínez Rovira, Immaculada; Sempau Roma, Josep; Prezado, Yolanda
nea6416-penelope.pdf.jpg2009PENELOPE-2008: A Code System for Monte Carlo Simulation of Electron and Photon TransportSalvat, Francesc; Fernández-Varea, Jose Maria; Sempau Roma, Josep
penMesh.pdf.jpgdes-2009PenMesh-Monte Carlo radiation transport simulation in a triangle mesh geometryBadal Soler, Andreu; Kyprianou, Iacovos; Banh, Diem Phuc; Badano, Aldo; Sempau Roma, Josep
oct-2013PRIMO: A graphical environment for the Monte Carlo simulation of Varian and Elekta linacsRodriguez, Manuel Jairo; Sempau Roma, Josep; Brualla, Lorenzo
jul-2008Quantification of dopaminergic neurotransmission SPECT studies with I-123-labelled radioligands. A comparison between different imaging systems and data acquisition protocols using Monte Carlo simulationRos, D; Pavia, J; Calviño Tavares, Francisco; Lomena, F; Crespo, C; Gallego, J; Cot Sanz, Alberto; Falcon, C; Bullich, S; Pareto, D; Aguiar, P; Sempau Roma, Josep
21-mar-2013Spencer–Attix water/medium stopping-power ratios for the dosimetry of proton pencil beamsGomà, Carles; Andreo, Pedro; Sempau Roma, Josep
mar-2011The influence of the field setup on the dosimetry of abutted fields in single-isocenter half-beam techniquesHernández, V.; Sempau Roma, Josep
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