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15-mai-2014Applying clustering based on rules for finding patterns of functional dependency in schizophreniaGibert Oliveras, Karina; Salvador Carulla, Luis
mai-2012Assisting the end-user in the interpretation of profiles for decision support An application to wastewater treatment plantsGibert Oliveras, Karina; Conti, Dante; Vrecko, Darko
BSevilla etal.-ClusteringAndInterpretationOnRealNutritionalData-Actas TAMIDA 2013-pp-1454-1463-2013.pdf.jpg2013Clustering and interpretation on real nutritional dataSevilla Villanueva, Beatriz; Gibert Oliveras, Karina; Sánchez Marrè, Miquel
customizationagnet.pdf.jpg1-oct-2009Customization of an agent-based medical systemBatet, Montserrat; Martínez, Sergio; Valls Mateu, Aïda; Gibert Oliveras, Karina
2013Data Mining and post-processing tools to extract comprehensible patterns from Venezuelan Financial AssetsConti, Dante; Gibert Oliveras, Karina
2014Discovering comprehensible hydrogeological profiles in the Margarita Island's acquifers including post-processing in a data mining processConti, Dante; Gibert Oliveras, Karina
2010Effects of using mean curve in the analysis of repeated time seriesGibert Oliveras, Karina; Rojo, Emili; Rodas, Jorge
MSànchez-Marrèetal-iEMSs2014-Vol.1-pp.493-500.pdf.jpg2014Evolutionary computation and case-based reasoning interoperation in IEDSS through GESCONDASánchez Marrè, Miquel; Gibert Oliveras, Karina; Vinayagam, Radha K.; Sevilla Villanueva, Beatriz
1-feb-2014Extracting comprehensible patterns from Venezuelan assets by means of annotated Traffic Lights PannelGibert Oliveras, Karina; Conti, Dante
1-set-2014From big data to decisional knowledgeGibert Oliveras, Karina; Tormos, José María
10-mar-2013Incorporating local information and prior expert knowledge to evidence-informed mental health system researchSalvador Carulla, Luis; García Alonso, Carlos; Gibert Oliveras, Karina; Vázquez Bourgon, Javier
1478-4505-8-28.pdf.jpg16-oct-2010Integrating clinicians, knowledge and data: expert-based cooperative analysis in healthcare decision supportGibert Oliveras, Karina; García Alonso, Carlos; Salvador Carulla, Luis
knowledgediscovery.pdf.jpg1-ago-2009Knowledge discovery about quality of life changes of spinal cord injury patients: clustering based on rules by statesGibert Oliveras, Karina; García Rudolph, A.; Curcoll, Lluïsa; Soler, Dolors; Pla, Laura; Tormos, José Maria
jun-2010Knowledge discovery with clustering based on rules by states: a water treatment applicationGibert Oliveras, Karina; Rodríguez Silva, Gustavo; Rodríguez Roda, Ignasi
2010On the hybridation of artificial intelligence and statistics for effective knowledge discovery in ill-structured domains with messy dataGibert Oliveras, Karina; Rodríguez Silva, Gustavo; García Rudolph, A.
BSevilla et al-FAIA-256-2013.pdf.jpg1-nov-2013Post-processing the Class Panel Graphs: towards understandable patterns from dataSevilla Villanueva, Beatriz; Gibert Oliveras, Karina; Sánchez Marrè, Miquel
28-nov-2011Post-processing: bridging the gap between modelling and effective decision-support. The Profile Assessment Grid in Human BehaviourGibert Oliveras, Karina; Rodríguez Silva, Gustavo; Annicchiarico, Roberta
1-oct-2013PrefaceGibert Oliveras, Karina; Botti Navarro, Vicent; Reig Bolano, Ramon
articleCREnviat-Final6pag.pdf.jpg2011Semantic clustering based on ontologies: an application to the study of visitors in a natural reserveBatet, Montserrat; Valls, Aïda; Gibert Oliveras, Karina
BSevillaetal-MME&HB 2014-pp134-137.pdf.jpg2014The Role of Significance Statistical Tests on Cluster InterpretationSevilla Villanueva, Beatriz; Gibert Oliveras, Karina; Sánchez Marrè, Miquel
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