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serratosa drac.pdf.jpg2010A discrete labelling approach to attributed graph matching using SIFT featuresSanromà Güell, Gerard; Alquézar Mancho, René; Serratosa Casanelles, Francesc
2012A new graph matching method for point-set correspondence using the EM algorithm and SoftassignSanromà Güell, Gerard; Alquézar Mancho, René; Serratosa Casanelles, Francesc
1460-Analysis-of-Methods-for-Playing-Human-Robot-Hide-and-Seek-in-a-Simple-Real-World-Urban-Environment.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of methods for playing human robot hide-and-seek in a simple real world urban environmentGoldhoorn, Alex; Sanfeliu Cortés, Alberto; Alquézar Mancho, René
SANROMA.pdf.jpg2010Attributed graph matching for image-features association using SIFT descriptorsSanromà Güell, Gerard; Alquézar Mancho, René; Serratosa Casanelles, Francesc
gen-2012Comparing error minimized extreme learning machines and support vector sequential feed-forward neural networksRomero Merino, Enrique; Alquézar Mancho, René
Arizmendi.pdf.jpg2009Data mining of patients on weaning trials from mechanical ventilation using cluster analysis and neural networksArizmendi Pereira, Carlos Julio; Romero Merino, Enrique; Alquézar Mancho, René; Caminal Magrans, Pere; Díaz, Ivan; Benito, Salvador; Giraldo Giraldo, Beatriz
1097-Experimental-assessment-of-probabilistic-integrated-object-recognition-and-tracking-methods.pdf.jpg2009Experimental assessment of probabilistic integrated object recognition and tracking methodsSerratosa Casanelles, Francesc; Amézquita Gómez, Nicolás; Alquézar Mancho, René
onemoredrac.pdf.jpg2010Graph matching using SIFT descriptors: an application to pose recovery of a mobile robotSanromà Güell, Gerard; Alquézar Mancho, René; Serratosa Casanelles, Francesc
2012Group-wise sparse correspondences between images based on a common labelling approachSolé Ribalta, Albert; Sanromà Güell, Gerard; Serratosa Casanelles, Francesc; Alquézar Mancho, René
jib-254.pdf.jpg23-oct-2014Reducing the n-gram feature space of class C GPCRs to subtype-discriminating patternsKönig, Caroline; Alquézar Mancho, René; Vellido Alcacena, Alfredo; Giraldo Arjonilla, Jesús
1292-Smooth-simultaneous-structural-graph-matching-and-point-set-registration-1.pdf.jpg2011Smooth simultaneous structural graph matching and point-set registrationSanromà Güell, Gerard; Alquézar Mancho, René; Serratosa Casanelles, Francesc
PR_PS_BB_29.pdf.jpg2013SVM-based classification of class C GPCRs from alignment-free physicochemical transformations of their sequencesKönig, Caroline; Cruz Barbosa, Raúl; Alquézar Mancho, René; Vellido Alcacena, Alfredo
z.pdf.jpg2009Tracking deformable objects and dealing with same class object occlusionAlquézar Mancho, René; Amézquita, N; Serratosa Casanelles, Francesc
2014XIM-engine: a software framework to support the development of interactive applications that uses conscious and unconscious reactions in immersive mixed realityOmedas, Pedro; Betella, Albert; Zucca, Ricardo; Arsiwalla, Xerxes D.; Pacheco, Daniel; Wagner, Johannes; Lingenfelser, Florian; Andre, Elisabeth; Mazzei, Daniele; Lanatà, Antonio; Tognetti, Alessandro; Rossi, Danilo; Grau Saldes, Antoni; Goldhoorn, Alex; Guerra Paradas, Edmundo; Alquézar Mancho, René; Sanfeliu Cortés, Alberto; Verschure, Paul
Mostrant resultats 1 a 14 de 14


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