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2006A mesh-particle model for fluid animationSusín Sánchez, Antonio; Suárez, N.
2010Adjusting animation rings to human-like 3D modelsRamírez, Jorge E.; Susín Sánchez, Antonio; Lligadas Rodríguez, Xavier
2008Automatic adjustment of rigs to extracted skeletonsSusín Sánchez, Antonio; Lligadas Rodríguez, Xavier; Ramírez, Jorge E.
incos2012_656_661.pdf.jpg2012Biomechanical validation of upper-body and lower-body joint movements of kinect motion capture data for rehabilitation treatmentsFernández-Baena, Adso; Susín Sánchez, Antonio; Lligadas, Xavier
susin.pdf.jpg30-set-2003Camera calibration of long image sequences with the presence of occlusionsSáinz, M.; Susín Sánchez, Antonio; Bagherzadeh, N
CENTRAL.pdf.jpg1996Central configurations on the charged three-body problemPerez-Chavela, Ernesto; Susín Sánchez, Antonio; Yan, Zhiming A.
2006Deformable hybrid approach for haptic interactionSusín Sánchez, Antonio; Mero, Máximo G.
FACe.pdf.jpg2009FACe! 3D Facial Animation System based on FACSVillagrasa, Sergi; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
Facial rigging.pdf.jpg2007Fast and Reusable Facial Rigging and AnimationCosta-Teixeira, V; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
Left.pdf.jpg2002Left ventricle volume estimation from 3D SPECT reconstructionGarcia-Panyella, O.; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
Ventricle's surface.pdf.jpg2002Left ventricle's surface reconstruction and volume estimationGarcia-Panyella, O.; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
ClothGPU.pdf.jpg2006Non structured meshes for Cloth GPU simulation using FEMRodríguez-Navarro, Javier; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
2008Raymond C. Read (2007) Arthur Keith, the anatomist who evisioned herniosisLópez Cano, Manuel; Fortuny Anguera, Gerard; Rodríguez-Navarro, Javier; Susín Sánchez, Antonio; Armengol-Carrasco, Manuel
1-set-2014Robust treatment of degenerate elements in interactive corotational FEM simulationsCivit Flores, Oscar; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
oct-2009Simulation and study of the behaviour of the transversalis fascia in protecting against the genesis of inguinal herniasFortuny Anguera, Gerard; Rodríguez-Navarro, Javier; Susín Sánchez, Antonio; López Cano, Manuel
mai-2011Simulation and study of the geometric parameters in the inguinal area and the genesis of inguinal herniasFortuny Anguera, Gerard; López Cano, Manuel; Susín Sánchez, Antonio; Herrera, Blas
2205_1.pdf.jpg2013Structural stability of planar bimodal linear systemsFerrer Llop, Josep; Peña Carrera, Marta; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
Labeling_Generic_Rig.pdf.jpg2006Transferring a labeled rig to animate face modelsCosta-Teixeira, V; Zacur, E; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
2006Transferring facial expressions to different face modelsCosta-Teixeira, Verónica; Zacur, Ernesto; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
gen-2008Transferring the rig and animations from a character to different face modelsTeixeira, Costa V; Zacur, E; Susín Sánchez, Antonio
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