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  • Real time people detection combining appearance and depth image spaces using boosted random ferns 

    Vaquero Gómez, Víctor; Villamizar Vergel, Michael Alejandro; Sanfeliu Cortés, Alberto (Springer, 2015)
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    This paper presents a robust and real-time method for people detection in urban and crowed environments. Unlike other conventional methods which either focus on single features or compute multiple and independent classifiers ...
  • Recognizing point clouds using conditional random fields 

    Husain, Syed Farzad; Dellen, Babette Karla Margarete; Torras, Carme (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
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    Detecting objects in cluttered scenes is a necessary step for many robotic tasks and facilitates the interaction of the robot with its environment. Because of the availability of efficient 3D sensing devices as the Kinect, ...
  • Robot-aided cloth classification using depth information and CNNs 

    Gabas Nova, Antonio; Corona Puyane, Enric; Alenyà Ribas, Guillem; Torras, Carme (2016)
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    We present a system to deal with the problem of classifying garments from a pile of clothes. This system uses a robot arm to extract a garment and show it to a depth camera. Using only depth images of a partial view of the ...
  • Robots domésticos: reconocimiento de estancias mediante detección de objetos 

    Cots Prat, Joan (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2016-07-22)
    Projecte/Treball Final de Carrera
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    This project come up from the idea of giving to the current and future domestic robots a tool that allows them to place properly inside a home and adapt their behaviour, adjusting it to the activities and requirements of ...
  • Robust color contour object detection invariant to shadows 

    Scandaliaris, Jorge; Villamizar Vergel, Michael Alejandro; Andrade-Cetto, Juan; Sanfeliu Cortés, Alberto (Springer Verlag, 2007)
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    In this work a new robust color and contour based object detection method in images with varying shadows is presented. The method relies on a physics-based contour detector that emphasizes material changes and a contour-based ...
  • Shared random Ferns for efficient detection of multiple categories 

    Villamizar Vergel, Michael Alejandro; Moreno-Noguer, Francesc; Andrade-Cetto, Juan; Sanfeliu Cortés, Alberto (2010)
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    We propose a new algorithm for detecting multiple object categories that exploits the fact that different categories may share common features but with different geometric distributions. This yields an efficient detector ...
  • Tracking of microtubules in anisotropic volumes of neural tissue 

    Buhmann, JULIA M.; Gerhard, Stephan; Cook, Matthew; Funke, Jan (2016)
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    For both the automatic and manual reconstruction of neural circuits from electron microscopy (EM) images, the detection and identification of intracellular structures provide useful cues. This is particularly true for ...
  • Very fast solution to the PnP problem with algebraic outlier rejection 

    Ferraz Colomina, Luis; Binefa, Xavier; Moreno-Noguer, Francesc (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
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    We propose a real-time, robust to outliers and accurate solution to the Perspective-n-Point (PnP) problem. The main advantages of our solution are twofold: first, it integrates the outlier rejection within the pose estimation ...
  • WordFences: Text localization and recognition 

    Polzounov, Andrei (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2017-01)
    Projecte Final de Màster Oficial
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    Realitzat a/amb:  Institute for Infocomm Research
    In recent years, text recognition has achieved remarkable success in recognizing scanned document text. However, word recognition in natural images is still an open problem, which generally requires time consuming ...