• Demonstrating low-power distributed queuing for active RFID communications at 433 MHz 

    Tuset-Peiro, Pere; Alonso Zárate, Luis Gonzaga; Vázquez-Gallego, Francisco; Alonso-Zárate, Jesús; Vilajosana, Xavier (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
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    This paper presents a demonstrator of Low-Power Distributed Queuing (LPDQ), a MAC protocol targeted at active RFID systems operating at 433 MHz. LPDQ is based on a packet-based Preamble Sampling for network synchronization ...
  • Intelligent transport systems 

    Cardenas Alvarez, Pedro P. (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2009-06-06)
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    This report contains information about Intelligent Transport Systems and testing scenarios on IDIADA´s proving ground. Since the automotive industry is rapidly moving in the direction of advanced active safety, Intelligent ...
  • Prediction of the impact of transient disturbances in real-time digital wireless communication systems 

    Pous Solà, Marc; Silva Martínez, Fernando (2014-07-01)
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    In this paper the simulation methodology has been useful to establish the effect of a transient interference coupled to a digital communication system. An RFID system according to ISO 14443 type B standard is interfered ...