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  • A note on the likelihood and moments of the skew-normal distribution 

    Martínez, E. H.; Varela, H.; Gómez, H. W.; Bolfarine, Heleno (Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya, 2008)
    Open Access
    In this paper an alternative approach to the one in Henze (1986) is proposed for deriving the odd moments of the skew-normal distribution considered in Azzalini (1985). The approach is based on a Pascal type triangle, which ...
  • Estimation in the Birnbaum-Saunders distribution based on scale-mixture of normals and the EM-algorithm 

    Balakrishnan, N.; Leiva, Víctor; Sanhueza, Antonio; Vilca, Filidor (Institut d'Estadística de Catalunya, 2009)
    Open Access
    Scale mixtures of normal (SMN) distributions are used for modeling symmetric data. Members of this family have appealing properties such as robust estimates, easy number generation, and efficient computation of the ML ...
  • Multivariable model predictive control of water levels on a laboratory canal 

    Horvath, Klaudia; Van Overloop, P.J.; Galvis Restrepo, Eduard; Gómez Valentín, Manuel; Rodellar Benedé, José (2012)
    Conference report
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    Automatic control of irrigation canals can reduce the loss of water in considerable amounts, therefore it is generating ecologic and economic benefits. There have been many different types of automatic controllers developed, ...
  • Un nou model formal per simular allaus emprant un autòmat cel·lular multicapa 

    Fonseca Casas, Pau; Colls, Màxim; Casanovas Garcia, Josep (2011)
    Conference lecture
    Open Access
    L’article introdueix un nou mètode per simular la dinàmica d’una allau de neu de placa. L’estructura del model està basada en una generalització d’autòmat cel·lular (AC) que permet utilitzar diferents capes (mn-CAk). Cada ...