• A new calibration technique for interferometric radiometers 

    Corbella Sanahuja, Ignasi; Torres Torres, Francisco; Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Bará Temes, Francisco Javier (1998)
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    This paper presents a new method for receiver calibration of interferometric radiometers. It is based on the distributed noise injection mechanism and it consists of fully calibrating the baseline error terms of the central ...
  • Correlation denormalization in interferometric or polarametric radiometers: a unified approach 

    Colliander, Andreas; Torres Torres, Francisco; Corbella Sanahuja, Ignasi (IEEE, 2009-02)
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    This paper presents a general analysis of correlation measurements in an interferometer or a radiometer based on noise injection and/or switching and measurement of normalized correlations (e.g., imaging synthetic aperture ...