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  • A novel reconstruction algorithm for the improvement of SMOS brightness temperatures 

    González Gambau, Veronica; Turiel, Antonio; Martinez, Justino; Olmedo, Edson; Corbella Sanahuja, Ignasi (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2014)
    Conference report
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    RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) sources, Sun signal and even land-sea transitions may generate large sidelobes that corrupt SMOS brightness temperature products and therefore, the quality of the soil moisture and sea ...
  • L-Band Sea Surface Emissivity: Preliminary Results Of The WISE-2000 Campaign And Its Application To Salinity Retrieval In the SMOS Mission 

    Camps Carmona, Adriano José; Corbella Sanahuja, Ignasi; Vall-Llossera Ferran, Mercedes Magdalena; Duffo Ubeda, Núria; Torres Torres, Francisco; Villarino Villarino, Ramón; Enrique, L.; Julbé, F.; Font, Jordi; Julià, A.; Gabarró Prats, Carolina; Etcheto, Jacqueline; Boutin, Jacqueline; Weill, Alain; Caselles, Vicente; Rubio, Eva; Wursteisen, Patrick (2003-06-30)
    Open Access
    Soil moisture and ocean salinity at surface level can be measured by passive microwave remote sensing at L-band. To provide global coverage data of soil moisture and ocean salinity with three-day revisit time, the Earth ...