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    and 72 and 75 (elderly group). Small bone coupons were machined and tested under tensile load. The pediatric coupons (n = 15) were tested under quasi-static loading (~ 0.5 %/s). For the adult and elderly subjects (n = 16) [1]
    and alloys [1]
    and creep [1]
    and fluoranthene) [1]
    and in particular in Simulation-based Engineering Sciences. By DDDAS we mean a set of techniques that allow to link simulation tools with measurement devices for real-time control of systems and processes. In this paper a novel simulation technique is developed with an eye towards its employ in the field of DDDAS. The main novelty of this technique relies in the consideration of parameters of the model as new dimensions in the parametric space. Such models often live in highly multidimensional spaces suffering the so-called curse of dimensionality. To avoid this problem related to mesh-based techniques [1]
    and kinetic energy). With the exception of entropy [1]
    And PCA [1]
    and PP [1]
    and public policy [1]
    and the possible interventions. The emphasis is on [1]
    and transient nourishment coexist with a growing human pressure. The chapter reviews the present coastal strategies [1]
    and X-ray lasers [2]
    AND/OR search [1]
    AND/OR search trees [1]
    and/or the area of these stations. The aim of this contribution is to present a new multiobjective memetic algorithm based on ant colony optimization for the 1/3 variant of this family of industrial problems. This variant involves the joint minimisation of the number and the area of the stations [1]
    Andalucía (Vaixell) [1]
    Andalucía Tech [1]
    Andalucía [1]
    Andalusia [4]