• A runtime heuristic to selectively replicate tasks for application-specific reliability targets 

    Subasi, Omer; Yalcin, Gulay; Zyulkyarov, Ferad; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Labarta Mancho, Jesús José (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2016)
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    In this paper we propose a runtime-based selective task replication technique for task-parallel high performance computing applications. Our selective task replication technique is automatic and does not require ...
  • Atomic quake: using transactional memory in an interactive mulitplayer game Server 

    Zyulkyarov, Ferad; Gajinov, Vladimir; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Cristal Kestelman, Adrián; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Harris, Tim; Valero Cortés, Mateo (2009)
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    Transactional Memory (TM) is being studied widely as a new technique for synchronizing concurrent accesses to shared memory data structures for use in multi-core systems. Much of the initial work on TM has been evaluated ...
  • QuakeTM: Parallelizing a complex serial application using transactional memory 

    Gajinov, Vladimir; Zyulkyarov, Ferad; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Cristal Kestelman, Adrián; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Harris, Tim; Valero Cortés, Mateo (2008-11)
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    'Is transactional memory useful?' is the question that cannot be answered until we provide substantial applications that can evaluate its capabilities. While existing TM applications can partially answer the above question, ...
  • Unified fault-tolerance framework for hybrid task-parallel message-passing applications 

    Subasi, Omer; Martsinkevich, Tatiana; Zyulkyarov, Ferad; Unsal, Osman; Labarta, Jesús; Cappello, Franck (SAGE Publications, 2016-09-26)
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    We present a unified fault-tolerance framework for task-parallel message-passing applications to mitigate transient errors. First, we propose a fault-tolerant message-logging protocol that only requires the restart of the ...
  • Unprotected computing: a large-scale study of DRAM raw error rate on a supercomputer 

    Bautista-Gomez, Leonardo; Zyulkyarov, Ferad; Unsal, Osman; McIntosh-Smith, Simon (ACM, 2016-11-13)
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    Supercomputers offer new opportunities for scientific computing as they grow in size. However, their growth also poses new challenges. Resilience has been recognized as one of the most pressing issues to solve for extreme ...