• A new gene-based association test for genome-wide association studies 

    Buil, Alfonso; Martínez-Pérez, Angel; Perera Lluna, Alexandre; Rib, Leonor; Caminal Magrans, Pere; Soria, José Manuel (2009-12-15)
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    Genome-wide association studies are widely used today to discover genetic factors that modify the risk of complex diseases. Usually, these methods work in a SNP-by-SNP fashion. We present a gene-based test that can be ...
  • Health in ultra endurance events: SUMMIT Lab® Project 

    Roca, Emma; Nescolarde Selva, Lexa Digna; Perera Lluna, Alexandre; Bogónez-Franco, Paco; Soria, José Manuel; Roche, Enrique; Daniel, Brotons; Bayés Genis, Antoni (2016)
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    High-intensity physical activity for an extended period of time could result in unhealthy disruptions to physiological systems. The main goal of the SUMMIT Lab® is to offer to ultra-endurance athletes an assessment of the ...