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  • Estimating sensory properties of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by near infrared spectroscopy 

    Plans Pujolràs, Marçal; Simó Cruanyes, Joan; Casañas Artigas, Francesc; Romero del Castillo Shelly, Mª del Rosario; Rodriguez Saona, Luis; Sabaté Reboll, José (2014-01-15)
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    Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been widely used to determine food chemical composition and to a lesser extent to evaluate sensory properties. Because sample preparation is relatively simple, NIRS is especially ...
  • Noves varietats per la DOP fèsols de Santa Pau 

    Rivera Pinzano, Ana; Busquets, Neus; Rull Farré, Aurora; Fenero Artaso, Daniel; Simó Cruanyes, Joan; Casals Missio, Joan; Casañas Artigas, Francesc (2014-11-01)
    External research report
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    El Consell Regulador de la DOP Fesols de Santa Pau considera que les llavors predominants que s’han d’usar dins d’aquesta marca geogràfica són del tipus varietal Tavella Brisa. Com que només es disposava de la varietat ...
  • Using trendsetting chefs to design new culinary preparations with the "Penjar" tomato 

    Romero del Castillo Shelly, Mª del Rosario; Puig-Pey, M.; Biarnes, J.; Vilaseca, H.; Simó Cruanyes, Joan; Plans Pujolràs, Marçal; Casañas Artigas, Francesc; Massanes, T. (Taylor & Francis Ltd., 2014-07)
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    New food products are normally marketed after research regarding consumers' preferences. As an alternative, we used trendsetting chefs to develop and evaluate products with the traditional, long shelf life,