• Growth of Sobolev norms for the analytic NLS on T-2 

    Guàrdia Munarriz, Marcel; Sandhaus, Evan; Procesi, M. (2016-10-01)
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    We consider the completely resonant non-linear Schrödinger equation on the two dimensional torus with any analytic gauge invariant nonlinearity. Fix s>1. We show the existence of solutions of this equation which achieve ...
  • Interoperable human behavior models for simulations 

    Silverman, Barry G.; McDonald, David; Lazarus, Richard; Leung, Alice; Hussain, Talib; Bharathy, Gnana; Eidelson, Roy J.; Pelechano Gómez, Núria; Sandhaus, Evan (2006)
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    Modern simulations and games have limited capabilities for simulated characters to interact with each other and with humans in rich, meaningful ways. Although significant achievements have been made in developing human ...