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  • Filtenna integration achieving ideal chebyshev return losses 

    Hueltes Escobar, Alberto; Verdú Tirado, Jorge Andrés; Collado Gómez, Juan Carlos; Mateu Mateu, Jordi; Rocas Cantenys, Eduard; Valenzuela González, José Luis (2014-04-01)
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    This paper demonstrates that it is possible to find an ideal filter response (Chebyshev, Butterworth,..) considering the antenna as the last resonator of a filter under certain circumstances related with the antenna ...
  • Nonlinear performance of BAW filters including BST capacitors 

    Rocas Cantenys, Eduard; Mateu Mateu, Jordi; Collado Gómez, Juan Carlos; Hueltes Escobar, Alberto; Verdú Tirado, Jorge Andrés; Billard, Christophe; David, Jean Baptiste; Reinhardt, Alexandre (2014-04-01)
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    This paper evaluates the nonlinear effects occurring in a bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter which includes barium strontium titanate (BST) capacitors to cancel the electrostatic capacitance of the BAW resonators. To do that ...