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  • On polytopality of Cartesian products of graphs 

    Pfeifle, Julián; Pilaud, Vincent; Santos Pérez, Francisco Javier (2010-07)
    Conference report
    Open Access
    We study the polytopality of Cartesian products of non-polytopal graphs. On the one hand, we prove that a product of graphs is the graph of a simple polytope if and only if its factors are. On the other hand, we provide ...
  • Prodsimplicial-neighborly polytopes 

    Matschke, Benjamin; Pfeifle, Julián; Pilaud, Vincent (2010-11)
    Open Access
    We introduce PSN polytopes whose k-skeleton is combinatorially equivalent to that of a product of r simplices. They simultaneously generalize both neighborly and neighborly cubical polytopes. We construct PSN polytopes ...