• An integrated vector-scalar design on an in-order ARM core 

    Stanic, Milan; Palomar Pérez, Óscar; Hayes, Timothy; Ratkovic, Ivan; Cristal Kestelman, Adrián; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Valero Cortés, Mateo (2017-07)
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    In the low-end mobile processor market, power, energy, and area budgets are significantly lower than in the server/desktop/laptop/high-end mobile markets. It has been shown that vector processors are a highly energy-efficient ...
  • Imposing coarse-grained reconfiguration to general purpose processors 

    Duric, Milovan; Stanic, Milan; Ratkovic, Ivan; Palomar Pérez, Óscar; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Cristal Kestelman, Adrián; Valero Cortés, Mateo; Smith, Aaron (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015)
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    Mobile devices execute applications with diverse compute and performance demands. This paper proposes a general purpose processor that adapts the underlying hardware to a given workload. Existing mobile processors need to ...
  • Reusing cached schedules in an out-of-order processor with in-order issue logic 

    Palomar Pérez, Óscar (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2011-05-09)
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    Modern processors use out-of-order processing logic to achieve high performance in Instructions Per Cycle (IPC) but this logic has a serious impact on the achievable frequency. In order to get better performance out of ...
  • Runtime-aware architectures 

    Casas Guix, Marc; Moreto Planas, Miquel; Álvarez Martí, Lluc; Castillo Villar, Emilio; Chasapis, Dimitrios; Hayes, Timothy; Jaulmes, Luc; Palomar Pérez, Óscar; Unsal, Osman Sabri; Cristal Kestelman, Adrián; Ayguadé Parra, Eduard; Labarta Mancho, Jesús José; Valero Cortés, Mateo (Springer, 2015)
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    In the last few years, the traditional ways to keep the increase of hardware performance to the rate predicted by the Moore’s Law have vanished. When uni-cores were the norm, hardware design was decoupled from the software ...