• Compressive strength estimation of sprayed concrete at early ages 

    Galobardes Reyes, Isaac; Domingues de Figueiredo, Antonio; Pialarissi Cavalaro, Sergio Henrique; García Vicente, Tomàs; Rueda, Angel; Pérez, Jorge (2013)
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    The sprayed concrete complies a construction technique that combines the placement and the compacting of concrete in only one process. This sort of concrete, which is widely used in underground constructions, requires a ...
  • Hinf simultaneous admittance and tracking current controller of three-phase active grid front-ends 

    Pérez, Jorge; Cóbreces Álvarez, Santiago; Rodriguez Sanchez, Francisco Javier; Griñó Cubero, Robert (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2015)
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    This paper proposes an H8 current controller that allows power converter input admittance shaping, both in modulus and in phase, in a three phase voltage source converter to grid connection through an L filter. In addition to ...
  • Incremental mapping compilation in an object-to-relational mapping system 

    Bernstein, Philip A.; Jacob, Marie; Pérez, Jorge; Rull Fort, Guillem; Terwilliger, James F. (2013)
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    In an object-to-relational mapping system (ORM), mapping expressions explain how to expose relational data as objects and how to store objects in tables. If mappings are sufficiently expressive, then it is possible to ...
  • Technoeconomic evaluation of cooperative relaying transmission techniques in OFDM cellular networks 

    Moral, Antolín; Vidal Manzano, José; Pérez, Jorge; Agustín de Dios, Adrián; Marina, Ninoslav; Host-Madsen, Anders (HINDAWI, 2011-02-27)
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    We evaluate the costs in the deployment of a 4G relay-assisted network in the 2.6GHz band following a technoeconomic methodology that departs fromcell dimensioning based on spectral efficiency and outage capacity requirements. ...
  • Tecnologías para el desarrollo y la educación del ingeniero 

    Cervera, Jaime; Pérez Foguet, Agustí; Mataix, Carlos; Romero, Ana; Pérez Arriaga, José Ignacio; Pérez, Jorge (Real Academia de Ingeniería, 2011-11-01)
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