• Analysis of back-propagation and RF pilot-tone based nonlinearity compensation for a 9x224Gb/s POLMUX-16QAM system 

    Díaz Souto, Alberto; Napoli, Antonio; Adhikari, Susmita; Maalej, Zied; Lobato Polo, Adriana P.; Kuschnerov, Maxim; Prat Gomà, Josep Joan (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2012)
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    We investigate the joint implementation of back-propagation and RF-pilot tone for fiber nonlinear compensation in POLMUX-16QAM and show that the nonlinear tolerance is drastically improved when compared to OFDM system
  • Comparison of single carrier and OFDM with back-propagation and RF pilot tone for a 9x224Gb/s POLMUX-16QAM system 

    Prat Gomà, Josep Joan; Díaz Souto, Alberto; Maalej, Z.; Lobato, A.; Adhikari, Sukumar Das; Timmers, E.; Napoli, Antonio; Kuschnerov, M.; Spinnler, B. (2011)
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    The performance of single carrier and OFDM is compared when nonlinear compensation at the DSP receiver is employed. We show that the joint use of RF-pilot and back-propagation adds further improvement to OFDM performance.
  • Experimental demonstration of multi-vendor and multi-domain elastic optical network with data and control interoperability over a pan-european test-bed 

    González de Dios, Oscar; Casellas Regi, Ramón; Paolucci, Francesco; Napoli, Antonio; Gifre Renom, Lluís; Dupas, Arnaud; Hugues Salas, Emilio; Morro, Roberto; Belotti, Sergio; Meloni, Gianluca; Rahman, Talha; López Álvarez, Victor; Martínez Rivera, Ricardo Victor; Fresi, Francesco; Bohn, Marc; Yan, Shuangyi; Velasco Esteban, Luis Domingo; Layec, Patricia; Fernández Palacios, Juan Pedro (2016-04-01)
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    The operation of multidomain and multivendor EONs can be achieved by interoperable sliceable bandwidth variable transponders (S-BVTs), a GMPLS/BGP-LS-based control plane, and a planning tool. The control plane is extended ...
  • Square-root strategy: a novel method to linearize an optical communication system with electronic equalizers 

    Prat Gomà, Josep Joan; Napoli, Antonio; Gene Bernaus, Joan M.; Omella Cáncer, Mireia Esther; Poggiolini, P.; Curri, Vittorio (2005)
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    We demonstrate a nonlinear function after the photodetector that linearizes dispersion-limited IM-DD systems, enhancing the performance of linear electronic equalization. Results showed a clear improvement in terms of ...