• Production of intermediate-mass and heavy nuclei 

    Thielemann, F. K.; Frölich, Carla; Hirschi, R.; Liebendörfer, M.; Dillmann, I.; Mocelj, D.; Rauscher, t.; Martínez Pinedo, Gabriel; Langanke, K; Farouqi, K; Kratz, K.L.; Pfeiffer, B.; Panov, I.; Nadyozhin, D.K.; Blinnikov, S.; Bravo Guil, Eduardo; Hix, W.R.; Höflich, P.; Zinner, Ernst (2007-07)
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    Nucleosynthesis is the science related to all astrophysical processes which are responsible for the abundances of the elements and their isotopes in the universe. The astrophysical sites are the big bang and stellar objects. ...
  • Sensitivity study of explosive nucleosynthesis in type Ia supernovae: Modification of individual thermonuclear reaction rates 

    Bravo Guil, Eduardo; Martínez Pinedo, Gabriel (2012-05-18)
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    Background: Type Ia supernovae contribute significantly to the nucleosynthesis of many Fe-group and intermediate-mass elements. However, the robustness of nucleosynthesis obtained via models of this class of explosions ...