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  • Obtaining low-HexA-content cellulose from eucalypt fibres: which glycosil hydrolase family is more efficient? 

    Valls Vidal, Cristina; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Gallardo Román, Óscar; Díaz, Pilar; Pastor Blasco, Francisco I. Javier; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca (2010-03-25)
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    Four new bacterial xylanases from different glycosyl hydrolase families (11, 10 and 5) were evaluated for hexenuronic acid (HexA) removal capacity and bleach boosting ability of a eucalypt kraft pulp. The family 11 xylanase ...
  • Using biotechnology for paper functionalisation: flax fibers with antimicrobial properties 

    Fillat Latorre, Amanda; Gallardo Román, Óscar; Vidal Lluciá, Teresa; Pastor Blasco, Francisco I. Javier; Díaz, Pilar; Roncero Vivero, María Blanca (2010)
    Conference lecture
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    Unbleached flax fibres were treated with laccase from Pycnoporus cinnabarinus and low molecular weight phenols (syringaldehyde –SA, acetosyringone –AS- and p-coumaric acid –PCA-) to biomodify lignocellulosic fibres in order ...