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  • Erdös y los enteros 

    Cilleruelo, Javier (2011-03-02)
    Open Access
  • On a question of Sárkozy and Sós for bilinear forms 

    Cilleruelo, Javier; Rué Perna, Juan José (2009-02-02)
    Restricted access - publisher's policy
    We prove that if 2 ≤ k1 ≤ k2, then there is no infinite sequence $\emph{A}$ of positive integers such that the representation function r(n)=#{(a, a'): n=$k{_1}a$ + $k{_2}a'$, a,a' ∊ $\emph{A}$} is constant for n large ...
  • On monochromatic solutions of equations in groups 

    Cameron, Peter J.; Cilleruelo, Javier; Serra Albó, Oriol (2006-01-12)
    Open Access
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  • The least common multiple of random sets of positive integers 

    Cilleruelo, Javier; Rué Perna, Juan José; Sarka, Paulius; Zumalacárregui, Ana (2014-11-01)
    Open Access
    We study the typical behavior of the least common multiple of the elements of a random subset A¿{1,…,n}. For example we prove that lcm{a:a¿A}=2n(1+o(1)) for almost all subsets A¿{1,…,n}